Thursday, March 31, 2011


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Thrift on!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Spice of Life Part Two: Books, Records, Fashion Finds and More.

"The Complete Tightwad Gazette" Philly Aids Thrift. $4
"Color in Fashion" and "An Octopus is Amazing" Retrospect. $1 each.

Welcome back to the conclusion of the Let’s Go Thrifting! Spice of Life special. As you probably realize, that certain spice I am referring to is variety. And what better variety is there than the possibilities of the great unknown of the thrift?

Take these books above, for example. An adorable children’s book on  the octopus (my favorite marine animal), a book of color matching and contrasting with a ridiculous amount of 80’s fashion missteps and The Complete Tightwad Gazette, quite fittingly found at the thrift. Now that’s variety.

And again when it comes to music, my varying interests yield some interesting secondhand results. While the “Sixties Rebellion” garage rock LP wasn’t thrifted, but bought used from Repo Records, the wonderfully bluesy Phoebe Snow album was a thrifty steal for .99 cents

Funky Belt

This afghan style woven belt from Lucky Brand was a great Goodwill find for $6. I originally intended it to be a gift for my sister, but damn if she isn’t too skinny. Now, the tails to tie the ends of the belt together are rather long, so I can get some wear out of it. But it just doesn’t look as good on me as it would on her.

Vintage Exerciser
Jane Fonda, eat your heart out.

 Well thanks to this totally 80’s workout wonder, I might get to belt-up no problem.

Look at that leotard…and the all-too-happy woman wearing it. She’s sure having a swell time with her Pull-Up Exerciser. Maybe I will too...But only if I find an equally flattering white leotard.

Until next time, stay thrifty!

The Spice of Life Part One: Dolls and Decor


Study Sign
Goodwill. $1.97

The last few weeks have proven quite fruitful when it comes to sweet secondhand finds. Sometimes it just happens that way, when everything you never knew you wanted was right there, ripe for the picking.

Dolls, decor, books, records, fashion. I found so many wonderful little treasures, in such great variety, I’m seizing the opportunity to divide the finds into two blog entries.

So let’s see here. First I will share with you the dolls and decor.

The sign pictured above I absolutely love. It’s a thick, sturdy plastic with a metal chain for hanging. It looks to me like a vintage sign for a school, library or hospital.

Hanging Frog Shell
Goodwill. $3.00

I also found this neat little hanging frog and shell at Goodwill over the weekend. It’s difficult to make out in this photo, but the color is a pale blue. And don’t you love that aged patina look? This will be hanging in my garden once the weather starts being more cooperative.


Vintage Western Decor
Goodwill. $.50
Ordinarily I’m not into Western decor, but this miniature plastic wall hang is kinda kitschy. And it’s only about 4” in length. So tiny!

Owl Win Decor

My last piece of decor to mention is my personal favorite. I was pleasantly surprised to win this lovely vintage piece of owl art from Sonya of Dime Store Thrift. Many thanks for such a wonderful prize, Sonya!

Owl and Pug

Pugsley must also have enjoyed this win, as he sneakily found his way into my photo staging area.

Well, that’s okay, as I figured he could stick around to introduce the doll segment of this post.

Pug and Fred
 Philly Aids Thrift. Cabbage Patch Kid w/original clothes, socks and shoes, $5.

  But apparently, that photo shoot wiped him out. There he is sleeping next to “Fred,” our newly adopted Cabbage Patch Kid.

Vintage Handmade Doll
Impact. $2.50

This little doll in a big dress is a vintage treasure. The maker hand painted “1971” on her neck. I love her long legs and torso in comparison to her tiny feet.

Doll Name

Her face and hairstyle bares a striking resemblance to my Aunt Gert, a lifelong crafter who passed away last year. So I decided to name this little doll after her in tribute.

Well, that’s the end of the “Dolls and Decor” segment of this exciting two-part variety special. On the next episode of Let’s Go Thrifting! read The Spice of Life Part Two: Books, Records and Fashion Finds.”

Monday, March 28, 2011

This Just In:

We've been roaming like buffalo. But we're back.

Worry not, thrifters. Let's Go Thrifting! is back from a brief hiatus. And we're back...with a vengeance. Well, not really a vengeance, per se. I just like that saying. But we do have some exciting news, all of which will be discussed in detail during future posts. But here are a few teasers:
  • As creator and lead writer for Let's Go Thrifting! I have been asked to lend my thrifting expertise in a special section of Macaroni Kid, a national newsletter and website for kid and family-friendly activities. In the near future you can expect to find tips, tricks and other thrift-related news, all written by your truly. I'll be sure to post links to the articles when published.
  • Over the past two weeks, I've scored some quality finds from the thrift. Vintage exercise equipment, books, clothes and decor. I've even won a wonderful prize from a fellow thrifter! The details will follow tomorrow, along with some lovely pictures!
  • We also have a small assortment of new photos that will soon be added to the Collections page and new thrift-related books to add to the Resources page. Fun and informative!
  • I knew I would someday convince my sister to join the blogosphere. I'm just so glad she's also thrift-minded, that I might link my readers to her site without that guilty pang of shameless plugging. But my little sister (and by little, I mean age 21...still "little" to me) has started a blog about her love for fashion. She's always had an eye for color and style and couture. But...she also loves finding unique pieces at the thrift. Which, of course, I also convinced her to try. Right now, her blog is in the beginning stages, as she is a newbie and is learning the technical aspects. But you'll love her. I know I do! So stop by her blog I, For Fashion.
  •  And lastly, we are 7 followers away from our first freebie, The Big 5-0 Giveaway. So, tell a friend. Then go thrifting.
Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Let's Go Thrifting!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Etsy or Not to Etsy?

Don’t you just love when you find a deliciously vintage item that you just can’t pass-up? Yup, me too.

Most recently, it was this little ceramic kitchen canister from the 1978 Sears & Roebuck line.
Price: 2.50

Toadstool Front

Toadstool back

Isn’t it lovely? I just love how many toadstools this piece has. The entire canister is a toadstool. There’s a colorful pair on one side, a brownish toadstool on the other. And the lid has the cutest little fungus that ya ever did see.

Well, this…this…is just a secondhand seller’s dilemma. I bought this because I obviously have a love for vintage toadstools. Now I know I’m not alone in this strange fascination with toadstools and could list this on my Etsy store and likely sell it rather quickly.

But look how cute it is!

Okay, maybe I can hang on to it for now. Maybe even show it off a little. Admire it.
Then…maybe…maybe I could part with it.

Any thoughts?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thrifty Reads

By now, I imagine some of you may have checked out the Let's Go Thrifting Resources page. It seems that thrifting and other means of shopping secondhand is a booming business, especially given the latest media attention. From American Pickers to Storage Wars, there's no shortage of secondhand television programming.

And when it comes to a good book, there are countless resourceful reads available. There are guides on antique collecting, how-to books to opening your own thrift store, collectives of crafty ideas and even fanzines dedicated to the secondhand lifestyle.

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to find two thrift-related reads, on clearance due to a bookstore closing its doors. (An event that, by the by, breaks my heart to see. A book store going bankrupt? Say, it ain't so!)

The first, which I've browsed for some brief information and to gaze at the wonderous photos is Hot Kitchen & Home Collectibles of the 30's, 40's 50's & Beyond.
While some of the finds in this colorful collector's book aren't particularly helpful in terms of manufacturer information, the collections themselves are enough to make a vintage enthusiast drool. Very kitschy!

The second read, which I'm taking in small doses is Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things. While this text is well-researched and written thoughtfully in layman's terms, this is a hard book to digest. But, that's just the nature of the beast. It's a topic that does fascinate me, this serious issue of hoarding. Where does collecting end and hoarding begin? Why do some objects have such a tremendous hold over some people and not others? Why do seemingly useless or unsanitary items have some significance to a person with this affliction? From a psychological standpoint, this book is interesting.  Though the average thrifter or  casual secondhand shopper may not have a particular interest.

In a related issue, we plan to tackle the issue of hoarding with a little more depth in a later post. Nothing too scientific, just some observations on the issue, some helpful advice on de-cluttering and that pesky but obligatory task of spring cleaning.

Now, back to the books. The book store that's soon-to-be-out-of-business hasn't closed yet, so I'm hoping for some more price reductions. Actually last I was there, I was so nearly overwhelmed by all of the titles they still had, I didn't even know where to look! So maybe next time, I'll make a list. Hmm. What to add?

Maybe some of you dear readers have a few suggestions.

So...what thrift-related resources are on your bookshelves?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mourning Japan’s Tragedy

View from the Metropolitan Government building.

It broke my heart to hear of the terrible loss Japan has suffered today, especially after just reminiscing so fondly of my time spent there. Such a beautiful country so filled with tradition and honor, home to so many, many wonderful people.

In the wake of one of the most devastating earthquakes in recorded history, please help the people of Japan by making a donation through the American Red Cross.

Please give what you can and keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Portrait of Femininity


A Victorian beauty manual, Kabuki makeup brush, Revlon red lipstick, a brooch and a vintage copy of the Girl Scouts handbook surround a vintage-inspired frame.

This is my portrait of thrifted femininity.

The topic of what it means to be feminine has always been a bit contradictory for me. While I’m always educating myself on issues of gendered equality and resisting the advertising machine for body type and beauty expectations, I do admittedly spend a considerable amount of money on keeping up appearances, so to speak.

Sure, I find thrifted and bargain clothes and accessories that I love immensely. But when it comes to skin care and cosmetics, I find myself blissfully wandering the aisles of Sephora with glassy, wide eyes in amazement of all the pretty, pretty things.

And what’s so wrong with that, really?

Perhaps the money I spend on looking like a celebrity with a team of professional stylists is partially funded by the incredible savings on all of the awesome, kitsch, vintage oddities I have affordably bought secondhand.

Am I right?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nobody’s Perfect

Imperfect Owls Framed

While we at Let’s Go Thrifting are making goals for the future of this blog, we realize that some ideas will come to fruition and others will just be dismissed as a fleeting thought.

But soon Spring will be upon us. And to celebrate the return of warm weather, flowers and of course, flea market season, we aim to have more posts, more comments, more followers, more items listed and sold on Etsy and perhaps even a small income from Amazon Associates.

But who knows what the future will bring for Let’s Go Thrifting? Perhaps some of our loyal readers even have some suggestions for future expansion, which of course we are eager to hear.

But to my fellow thrift-minded writers in the blogging community: What are some of your personal or professional goals for the future?

What steps are you taking to make these hopes and goals a reality?

Well, we wish all of you the best in thrifting and in blogging. Still, we must remember one thing: No one is perfect. So let’s take a lesson from this silly upside-down owl embroidery.

And the lesson is this:
“Nobody’s perfect.”  But this vintage owl decor is a hilariously flawless find.


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