Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nobody’s Perfect

Imperfect Owls Framed

While we at Let’s Go Thrifting are making goals for the future of this blog, we realize that some ideas will come to fruition and others will just be dismissed as a fleeting thought.

But soon Spring will be upon us. And to celebrate the return of warm weather, flowers and of course, flea market season, we aim to have more posts, more comments, more followers, more items listed and sold on Etsy and perhaps even a small income from Amazon Associates.

But who knows what the future will bring for Let’s Go Thrifting? Perhaps some of our loyal readers even have some suggestions for future expansion, which of course we are eager to hear.

But to my fellow thrift-minded writers in the blogging community: What are some of your personal or professional goals for the future?

What steps are you taking to make these hopes and goals a reality?

Well, we wish all of you the best in thrifting and in blogging. Still, we must remember one thing: No one is perfect. So let’s take a lesson from this silly upside-down owl embroidery.

And the lesson is this:
“Nobody’s perfect.”  But this vintage owl decor is a hilariously flawless find.


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monogirl said...

That embroidery is so cute. I love that the "imperfect" owl is not only upside down, but made of different stitches too.

As for goals, I finally have a plan in place to start ReSelling. I sat down, did some maths, and figured out the profit margins for selling on eBay vs. Etsy vs. an Antique mall. Now it's just about finding the time outside of my regular job to get it done!

Jackie Jardine said...

I love the imperfect, rebel owl too. He's not puffy AND he's upside down. I wasn't going to get this at first, because it would mean re-arranging the rest of the hanging decor. Damn you, lack of wall space! But these vintage owls are worth it.

I like Etsy a lot. It seems to me the least complicated for the seller. No special fees for added photos or bigger font or anything like that. Just a flat listing fee and a small percentage.

I hear you loud and clear on the time issue. I'm a pro at time management and I'm still up all hours of the night working on something. Between the blog, Etsy, the social networking for the blog, freelance writing projects and the day job I'm all over the place.

Best of luck on your Reselling goals!

Gina said...

I love the embroidery! I have that same message with a group of owls in my office-junk-studio room, only mine is just a print! Yours is so much cuter!

I am also working towards ReSelling and am still in research mode as well. I hear you on the time thing! :)

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Gina. I'm glad I bought the owls. This embroidery just has character to it. Does your owl print have the same upside-down owl? That would be pretty funny.

It reminds me of those "Hang in there" posters with the monkeys, but with a certain vintage charm.

Good luck on your ReSelling. If you decide to go Etsy, look up 'Let's Go Thrifting,' I'd be happy to add you to my circle.

Vanessa said...

I love the owl art! Perfect in its imperfection.

I continue to develop my thrift blog every day. The big goals this year is focusing the topics/theme, monetization, and networking.

Good luck reaching your goals!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Van. I am juggling so many different projects, it's been hard keeping a regular editorial schedule. But as long as I keep finding retro owls, I'll always have something fun to write about at least!

Anonymous said...

I love those owls. When I was little I had a shirt that said "Pobody's Nerfect". Hehehe!

Jackie Jardine said...

"Pobody's Nerfect"
Ha, I would wear a shirt like that even now!