Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Like A Leaf Falls From A Branch...

Connie Francis record, 50 cents.

A few weeks ago, I was thumbing through the small stack of records at the thrift store when my sister asked me what I was looking for. 

Usually I'm just looking, assessing the typical inventory of Herb Alpert, big band compilations and old show tunes. But I actually did have a mission. I was looking for a Connie Francis record. I just love the sweetness of her voice. 

But it just wasn't to be. At least, it wasn't to be on that particular day. However, on my most recent visit to Goodwill, when I was about to call it quits after sorting through the massive piles of Engelbert Humperdinck LPs, I found it.

Connie's Greatest Hits.
Received by it's original owner: May 29th, 1963.
Thrifted by me: November 15th, 2012. 

Almost 50 years later and this record is still a hit in my book. And now for your listening enjoyment... my favorite Connie Francis tune.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday: A Bit Of Serendipity

While scavenging the shelves of the Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop, I noticed a corner dedicated solely to photo albums. This is where I was standing when I met Nina, the manger of BATS. We talked of thrifting, blogging and the cyclical nature of it all. I also happened to mention my obsession for other people's family photographs and how it was rare to encounter enough to keep Vintage Photo Friday a regular occurrence here on Let's Go Thrifting!

Our conversation was interrupted when Nina had to price items for a  few customers, giving me a few minutes to flip through my selections from the shelf.

Vintage album of snapshots.... 75 cents.

And this is where I found the  lone photograph stuck between the pages  of an otherwise empty album. Of course I pointed out the find to Nina, who, much like myself, was just a little bit amazed by the discovery. 

Don't you love when you put something out into the universe? Something simple... like "Oh, how I'd love a vintage photograph today," and if by some means of thrift magic...it suddenly and serendipitously appears. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

BATS in the Barn: The Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop

Never mind the belfry. There's BATS in the barn.

In traveling the winding curves of Tomlinson Road in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, it would be easy to dismiss this building as a barn belonging to an old orchard on the grounds of the Bryn Athyn Church.

But this is what is lovingly known as BATS.

This is the Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop. And this barn of secondhand treasures has been a fixture in this tightly knit community for 17 years. Yet somehow, I had not been there until just a few short days ago.

After stepping inside for the first time, I greeted one of the employees to seek permission for snapping a few photos. And much to my surprise, both the co-manager and manager were eager to give me an inside look of what BATS truly means to both the shoppers and staff.

Between taking photos of the shelves, displays and decor and talking shop with Nina Finkeldey, the manager of the Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop, I spent upwards of 90 minutes in total awe of my surroundings. 

There was kitsch. There was vintage. And there was a passion for the business that was palpable. And as I learned from Nina, BATS is a shared and collaborative passion among its 12 employees and 190 volunteers. The proceeds may benefit the Bryn Athyn Church, but the benefits are beyond  mere monetary value. Nina was quick to note that BATS serves the community first and acts as a fundraiser second. 

A lot of love, a lot of creativity and a whole lot of hard labor has gone into  to make this thrift shop into something more than just your average Goodwill. And there's much more on the horizon for this secondhand wonderland. More than just a retail environment, BATS  serves as an antiques gallery, with records,  bicycles, movie posters, hardware and more hanging from every nook and cranny. 

These thoughtfully arranged display pieces within BATS are marked "NFS." What I would typically dread as a vintage-seeking thrifter, I've come to admire.  Nina explained that  these pieces are not for sale so that all might  see and appreciate them. These vintage vignettes give the already historic barn added nostalgic charm. And who can complain about stepping into a time capsule?

Just admire the view. Snap a photo. Be a little jealous and move along. There's 6000 square feet to explore, after all.

And after a friendly exchange between management, some browsing with fellow shoppers and a lot of handshaking with the volunteer staff, I can officially endorse The Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop as one the must-see secondhand stores in all of Pennsylvania.

Of course I couldn't help but snatch up a few vintage bargains during my BATS exploration. But that's for another post. 

The Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop is located at 510 Tomlinson Road, P.O. Box 277 Bryn Athyn, PA  19009. For announcements of sales and future thrift happenings, stop by the Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop Facebook page. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thrift Style: How I Became A Vintage Doll

About a month ago, when browsing the racks of Impact Thrift, I found a vintage floral and lace skirt, and I had a brilliant idea. I was going to be a vintage doll for Halloween this year.

It didn't take long to achieve the look. After adding a pair of pink tights, a pink sparkly sweater, a frilly white shirt and a pair flats, I was ready to be a vintage doll.

All I needed was the baby doll wig, some makeup and a spot of tea.

And of course I had to document my doll adventure...

So, thrifters, I bet you're wondering how much this costume cost. Let's tally it up.

Vintage Skirt   $3.00 Impact Thrift
Sweater  never-worn with tags $4.00 2nd Ave
Frilly shirt  already owned $0.00
Brown flats already owed $0.00
Vintage tea cup 50 cents, Impact Thrift
Baby Doll Wig $25.00, Masquerade.
Tights $15.00, Lane Bryant.
Total cost: $47.50

Buuuuttttt....Since I will be wearing the sweater and tights again in the future...(just maybe not together) I'll deduct those off the cost of the costume. Heck, I can even deduct the 50 cent teacup, beings I can use it at home. This makes the final cost for what was solely used for the costume just $28.00!!! So for just under $30 I got to be a thrifty vintage doll this Halloween.  

So what do you think? Do I make a good doll?

Let's Go Thrifting recommends... 
It's Katniss in doll form!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday: The Halloween Edition

The photo isn't vintage. But my costume sure is. Anyone wanna guess what I am for this year's annual Halloween Costume Party? 

It's kinda cute. It's kinda creepy. It's very me...

Well...gotta dash. I have a party to throw!

What was your Halloween costume this year ?