Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vintage Valentines: Couples' Snapshots From My Collection

Some may be sentimental, others cynical...but like it or not, if it's February 14th---it's Valentine's Day. 

Shunning the typical dinner-and-a-movie date, James and I have decided that this Valentine's Day will be spent thrift shopping and playing video games at the Funplex. 

But before we go thrifting and gaming, I decided to dedicate today's Let's Go Thrifting post to the couples within my vintage photograph collection. Ranging  from the early 1900s to what looks to be the late 1960s (judging by Mr. Mutton Chops on the left), these five photos prove that love is timeless. 

So if you and your significant other, or your best friend, or your bad self are feeling the love, take some photos this Valentine's Day. They'll be treasured a lot more than something you'll find at the mall, without a doubt. 

And for more nostalgic visuals, visit my Vintage Photo Gallery. 


Happy Valentine's Day, thrift shoppers! 

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

News & Reviews: The ReStore of Levittown, Pennsylvania

While en route to other thrift shops in the Oxford Valley and Langhorne area a few weeks ago, I was fortuitously caught at a red light when I spotted a sign for ReStore. Surrounded by stores in a crowded commercial plaza, I was unsure of what to find in this unexpected thrift detour.  

A discount home improvement store that benefits the Habitat For Humanity in building and repairing homes in the Philadelphia area and beyond, ReStore typically offers preowned furniture, decor, and usable home furnishings. And don't let this small storefront fool you. Once you walk through the door, shoppers are greeted with a sign that assures 10,000 square feet of goods...downstairs. 

I should've gotten a panorama shot, to truly give you an idea of just how large this ReStore was, despite its deceptively small storefront. Deep in the guts of the building was a spread of sofas, tables, cabinets, lighting, doors, fixtures, office furniture, decor, and a highly organized book and media corner. Clean, well-lit, and fully-staffed, this ReStore was a welcome pitstop in my thrift trip.

And the prices were spectacular. I didn't find anything I needed in the way of home goods, but I will definitely be looking again in the future. Though it should be said that if I had the available space, there were definitely things that I wanted. 

So I snapped a few photos with my iPad, forked over a quarter for a fashion book, and left feeling that I had found some new secondhand stomping ground. 

This ReStore is located at 1337 E Lincoln Highway Levittown, PA 19056 

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