Let’s Go Thrifting! was launched in October of 2010, conceived by the blissful union of two treasured pastimes: writing and thrift shopping. The mission? To thrift, plain and simple. So let’s gather the spare change in your pocket. Let’s grab a few friends for a laugh...Let’s Go Thrifting!

About the Author

Jackie Jardine is a writer and photographer living in Philadelphia. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism and women’s studies and not yet finding the dream job, she  tried a less traditional route. That path led her to the blogosphere, where she’s had the privilege to write for several online media outlets. It wasn’t long until she decided to create her own blog, one dedicated to her love for the secondhand lifestyle. And so Let’s Go Thrifting! was born.   

In addition to thrifting what could only be referred to as “cultural oddities,” Jackie frequents secondhand book and record stores, consignment shops, and flea markets. She is always on the hunt for the 1980s toys of her childhood, quirky compilation albums from the 60s, vintage fashions for the full-figured gal, and unique costume jewelry. 
Some of her other published writing can be found at the following: