Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vintage Valentines: Couples' Snapshots From My Collection

Some may be sentimental, others cynical...but like it or not, if it's February 14th---it's Valentine's Day. 

Shunning the typical dinner-and-a-movie date, James and I have decided that this Valentine's Day will be spent thrift shopping and playing video games at the Funplex. 

But before we go thrifting and gaming, I decided to dedicate today's Let's Go Thrifting post to the couples within my vintage photograph collection. Ranging  from the early 1900s to what looks to be the late 1960s (judging by Mr. Mutton Chops on the left), these five photos prove that love is timeless. 

So if you and your significant other, or your best friend, or your bad self are feeling the love, take some photos this Valentine's Day. They'll be treasured a lot more than something you'll find at the mall, without a doubt. 

And for more nostalgic visuals, visit my Vintage Photo Gallery. 


Happy Valentine's Day, thrift shoppers! 

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Siemers Rafter Room said...

Aww, Such a sweet post, I should have taken the time to look at it last night, just didn't have any juice left in me and headed to bed.
I enjoy the old photo's you collect too.

Jackie Jardine said...

Thank you, Margaret. I actually thought I had more couples' photos than this...but in evaluating my collection, I have much more individual portraits. Oh well. These are pretty neat!