Sunday, February 27, 2011

We’re Open For Business!

Greetings, vintage enthusiasts! We have some exciting news for you. Let’s Go Thrifting has opened its doors for some virtual business.

Stop by our Etsy store for vintage decor, books, fashion and more. We plan to expand, but here are a few shots of what we have in stock so far.

Happy Thrifting!

Etsy Pineapple Cross Stitch
Vintage Pineapple Cross Stitch

Antiquarian Children's Poetry Book

80's Inspired, Size 10 Vegan-Friendly Flats

Rainbow Brite Children's Activity Books


Vanessa said...

Congratulations on setting up shop! You're making me want to get back to day. One day when there's time! :)

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Van. I've been meaning to unload some nice things on here with the hopes of selling. I hope to have ten listings by next week.