Monday, March 28, 2011

This Just In:

We've been roaming like buffalo. But we're back.

Worry not, thrifters. Let's Go Thrifting! is back from a brief hiatus. And we're back...with a vengeance. Well, not really a vengeance, per se. I just like that saying. But we do have some exciting news, all of which will be discussed in detail during future posts. But here are a few teasers:
  • As creator and lead writer for Let's Go Thrifting! I have been asked to lend my thrifting expertise in a special section of Macaroni Kid, a national newsletter and website for kid and family-friendly activities. In the near future you can expect to find tips, tricks and other thrift-related news, all written by your truly. I'll be sure to post links to the articles when published.
  • Over the past two weeks, I've scored some quality finds from the thrift. Vintage exercise equipment, books, clothes and decor. I've even won a wonderful prize from a fellow thrifter! The details will follow tomorrow, along with some lovely pictures!
  • We also have a small assortment of new photos that will soon be added to the Collections page and new thrift-related books to add to the Resources page. Fun and informative!
  • I knew I would someday convince my sister to join the blogosphere. I'm just so glad she's also thrift-minded, that I might link my readers to her site without that guilty pang of shameless plugging. But my little sister (and by little, I mean age 21...still "little" to me) has started a blog about her love for fashion. She's always had an eye for color and style and couture. But...she also loves finding unique pieces at the thrift. Which, of course, I also convinced her to try. Right now, her blog is in the beginning stages, as she is a newbie and is learning the technical aspects. But you'll love her. I know I do! So stop by her blog I, For Fashion.
  •  And lastly, we are 7 followers away from our first freebie, The Big 5-0 Giveaway. So, tell a friend. Then go thrifting.
Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Let's Go Thrifting!


Vanessa said...

Congratulations on the Macaroni Kid gig! Keep us updated on that!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Van. I'm still in the brainstorming stage. But I'll keep everyone posted.