Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Spice of Life Part One: Dolls and Decor


Study Sign
Goodwill. $1.97

The last few weeks have proven quite fruitful when it comes to sweet secondhand finds. Sometimes it just happens that way, when everything you never knew you wanted was right there, ripe for the picking.

Dolls, decor, books, records, fashion. I found so many wonderful little treasures, in such great variety, I’m seizing the opportunity to divide the finds into two blog entries.

So let’s see here. First I will share with you the dolls and decor.

The sign pictured above I absolutely love. It’s a thick, sturdy plastic with a metal chain for hanging. It looks to me like a vintage sign for a school, library or hospital.

Hanging Frog Shell
Goodwill. $3.00

I also found this neat little hanging frog and shell at Goodwill over the weekend. It’s difficult to make out in this photo, but the color is a pale blue. And don’t you love that aged patina look? This will be hanging in my garden once the weather starts being more cooperative.


Vintage Western Decor
Goodwill. $.50
Ordinarily I’m not into Western decor, but this miniature plastic wall hang is kinda kitschy. And it’s only about 4” in length. So tiny!

Owl Win Decor

My last piece of decor to mention is my personal favorite. I was pleasantly surprised to win this lovely vintage piece of owl art from Sonya of Dime Store Thrift. Many thanks for such a wonderful prize, Sonya!

Owl and Pug

Pugsley must also have enjoyed this win, as he sneakily found his way into my photo staging area.

Well, that’s okay, as I figured he could stick around to introduce the doll segment of this post.

Pug and Fred
 Philly Aids Thrift. Cabbage Patch Kid w/original clothes, socks and shoes, $5.

  But apparently, that photo shoot wiped him out. There he is sleeping next to “Fred,” our newly adopted Cabbage Patch Kid.

Vintage Handmade Doll
Impact. $2.50

This little doll in a big dress is a vintage treasure. The maker hand painted “1971” on her neck. I love her long legs and torso in comparison to her tiny feet.

Doll Name

Her face and hairstyle bares a striking resemblance to my Aunt Gert, a lifelong crafter who passed away last year. So I decided to name this little doll after her in tribute.

Well, that’s the end of the “Dolls and Decor” segment of this exciting two-part variety special. On the next episode of Let’s Go Thrifting! read The Spice of Life Part Two: Books, Records and Fashion Finds.”

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Vanessa said...

I love all the finds, especially the sign! Cute kitschy owl and cowboy decor too. I don't collect cowboy bits, but I would have snatched up that one in a heartbeat.