Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Spice of Life Part Two: Books, Records, Fashion Finds and More.

"The Complete Tightwad Gazette" Philly Aids Thrift. $4
"Color in Fashion" and "An Octopus is Amazing" Retrospect. $1 each.

Welcome back to the conclusion of the Let’s Go Thrifting! Spice of Life special. As you probably realize, that certain spice I am referring to is variety. And what better variety is there than the possibilities of the great unknown of the thrift?

Take these books above, for example. An adorable children’s book on  the octopus (my favorite marine animal), a book of color matching and contrasting with a ridiculous amount of 80’s fashion missteps and The Complete Tightwad Gazette, quite fittingly found at the thrift. Now that’s variety.

And again when it comes to music, my varying interests yield some interesting secondhand results. While the “Sixties Rebellion” garage rock LP wasn’t thrifted, but bought used from Repo Records, the wonderfully bluesy Phoebe Snow album was a thrifty steal for .99 cents

Funky Belt

This afghan style woven belt from Lucky Brand was a great Goodwill find for $6. I originally intended it to be a gift for my sister, but damn if she isn’t too skinny. Now, the tails to tie the ends of the belt together are rather long, so I can get some wear out of it. But it just doesn’t look as good on me as it would on her.

Vintage Exerciser
Jane Fonda, eat your heart out.

 Well thanks to this totally 80’s workout wonder, I might get to belt-up no problem.

Look at that leotard…and the all-too-happy woman wearing it. She’s sure having a swell time with her Pull-Up Exerciser. Maybe I will too...But only if I find an equally flattering white leotard.

Until next time, stay thrifty!


Arlene said...

Hi Jackie, Don't thrift stores have great books. I found tons of them about Easter rabbits to use at Saturday's craft show in my trash to treasure display. My husband has haunted thrift shops for years looking for old sheet music. Have a great day, Arlene @theroseyposey.com

Jackie Jardine said...

Hi, Arlene! For a long time I didn't have much luck with thrifted books. I was only spotting the usual Tom Clancy novels and "Microwave Cooking" recipe books. This year, I've found so many great reads! I guess patience in the pursuit has paid off. Thanks for reading =)