Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Etsy or Not to Etsy?

Don’t you just love when you find a deliciously vintage item that you just can’t pass-up? Yup, me too.

Most recently, it was this little ceramic kitchen canister from the 1978 Sears & Roebuck line.
Price: 2.50

Toadstool Front

Toadstool back

Isn’t it lovely? I just love how many toadstools this piece has. The entire canister is a toadstool. There’s a colorful pair on one side, a brownish toadstool on the other. And the lid has the cutest little fungus that ya ever did see.

Well, this…this…is just a secondhand seller’s dilemma. I bought this because I obviously have a love for vintage toadstools. Now I know I’m not alone in this strange fascination with toadstools and could list this on my Etsy store and likely sell it rather quickly.

But look how cute it is!

Okay, maybe I can hang on to it for now. Maybe even show it off a little. Admire it.
Then…maybe…maybe I could part with it.

Any thoughts?


Nancy said...

I had that entire set, once upon a time, and Sanitas wallpaper with a similar design. Boy, does that take me back.

Jackie Jardine said...

oooh toadstool wallpaper! That sounds fun. Goodwill actually had a few others in the set, but they weren't in very good shape and were a tad overpriced given the condition. So I just settled with this small one.

Vanessa said...

I have the same one-- but mine is huge. I love mine, too, so I have it in my antique store booth priced at $45 for a set of two, a big one and a smaller one. No one have purchased them yet. I may end up keeping them!

Just letting you know- it might not sell at a price you want it to. And if so- you're better off keeping it and admiring it as part of your collection!

Jackie Jardine said...

I hear that, Van. I haven't made any sales on Etsy yet. I'm not sure it's the prices necessarily, or a lack of potential buyers interested or what. For now, this little toadstool is staying in my home!

Vanessa said...

It's easier to sell on Etsy when it's treated like a full time job...this is why I had to stay away from it, no time.

The more items added, the better. Add items quickly, and network with other users. Make sure to make plenty of Etsy treasuries.

Too much work for me, I like sticking my items in my antique store booth and letting the hunters come to me :)