Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Teeny Tiny Secondhand Treasures: Shrink It All With Grafix

Authentic Loteria 

It has been a while since my last Teeny Tiny Secondhand Treasures post. So I thought, what better  time to talk tiny than right now, to perfectly coincide with the Grafix Shrink Film Giveaway?

For those who missed the initial giveaway announcement and craft post, no worries. There is still time to get those entries in before the lucky winner is named. But here's just a little refresher.

Vintage Inspired Shrink Art Charm Bracelet 

In the last Let's Go Thrifting update, I introduced my vintage inspired charm bracelet to the world, with a handy how-to guide to make one of your very own. And thanks to the kind folks at the Grafix company, I am able to provide one reader with a 6-sheet pack of Inkjet White Shrink Film! 

Well, all of this excitement surrounding the giveaway got me thinking---what other teeny tiny secondhand inspired treasures can I create?

I took inventory of my vintage photographs, illustrations, ephemera, and pictorial collections and I've come to a conclusion. I MUST SHRINK EVERYTHING. I mean, come on. You just try to tell me that those colorful Loteria cards wouldn't make for some adorable earrings! 

1JJ Swiss Tarot 

Or how about these gorgeous Tarot cards? These are straight off my Thrift Wish List, reprints from original woodcut design---and would look absolutely charming dangling from my wrist. 

Or if I want something a little more dramatic, I could always draw inspiration from my collection of royalty-free pictorials. 

Anatomy sketches and 19th century ladies 

There are boundless opportunities with royalty-free illustrations. These are just two books I own from my days of zine making. But if you're looking for your own vintage illustrations to shrink, Antique Clipart is highly recommended. So many things to shrink, so little time!

And with just five days left in the giveaway, there's little time left before you can start shrinking if you're the winner. So get those Rafflecopter entries in and you'll be making your own teeny tiny treasures soon enough.


Vanessa said...

I - adore- loteria cards and shrinkie dinks. :D I'm working on a craft with loteria cards behind-the-scenes right now.

Jackie Jardine said...

That's awesome, Van! I hope you entered the giveaway then. Good luck!

<3 Jackie

barbara macaskill said...

These are really awesome! I have never heard of the loteria cards but am going to check them out right now! Thanks for the info!

Jackie Jardine said...

Oh thanks, Barbara! Loteria are akin to a Mexican game of bingo. I just love the imagery, so colorful!

<3 Jackie

Unknown said...

Hi there! What wonderful find! I'd love it if you link it up to my weekly "Thrifty & Vintage Finds" link party on Dagmar's Home! http://www.dagmarbleasdale.com/2015/06/vintage-strawberry-canister/