Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Thrift Wish List & The Tarot: Another Fortuitous Find

In a recent trip to the Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop, I found something that I've coveted for some time. While I'm no means an expert on divination, I find myself drawn to the ancient mystery of Tarot cards. They're not especially hard to come by these days. Stop in any pseudo-alternative goth gift emporium or chain book store and you can find them.

I have a few speciality decks myself that I've collected from New Age shops that I've come across. But I have a special admiration for the European Tarot varieties, specifically vintage French cards. The primary colors are vibrant and the illustrations are artfully produced from woodcut tiles.

So when I spotted this deck of 1960s 1JJ Swiss Tarot Cards imported from Switzerland with the original French titles, it was like lightning striking twice. Mind you, this incredible thrifted rarity is just a few weeks following my original Keane print find.

Two sought after Thrift Wish items in just a few weeks? Maybe this stroke of secondhand luck is karma's answer to the slow winter thrifting.

In all honesty I must note that sadly this 1JJSwiss Tarot is not a complete deck. Either the previous owner was careless, or simply kept a few key cards for personal reasons. But still I can't help but feel fortunate that this deck--for the most part-- is now part of my collection. And I have some crafty plans for them indeed. Oh, yes. 

What items have you found on your Thrift Wish List lately? 

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Melissa said...

The illustrations on those cards are to die for! So much detail.
I was recently gifted a Cahtrineholm bowl that has been on my list for a while. Hopefully the thrifts and sales heat up this spring and we can keep checking items off our list.

Jackie Jardine said...

Thrifted gifts are the best...only made better when they were on the official Thrift Wish List! I'm also hoping to scratch some more off the list at local flea markets once the weather is consistently pleasant.

Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Jackie