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News and Reviews: Good Stuff Thrift of Doylestown, PA

Elegant touches in the entryway. 

A few short weeks after being invited to the Fairless Hills, PA Good Stuff Thrift for a peek inside the spacious secondhand venue, I was again extended an invitation. This time, I hit the road to the borough of Doylestown to see the original Good Stuff Thrift location. And while I've been to this quaint area of Bucks County before, I hadn't been aware that Good Stuff Thrift was just right up the road.  

I walked through the doors and was immediately greeted by a fresh and floral aroma, one unlikely found in many secondhand shops, as you might realize. And in a serendipitously timed visit, I not only met the store manager Kelly, but also Ed Hudson, the CEO of Good Stuff Thrift.  And as Ed gave me the grand tour of the two-story sales floor and employee processing areas, I was awestruck with the realization that this was unlike any thrift shop I've ever seen. 

I know what you're thinking. How can I say that I haven't seen anything like it when I just visited the sister store in Fairless Hills not two weeks prior? But what gives this Good Stuff Thrift location something more than the average thrift store is its unique perspective on the shopping experience. One thing that CEO Ed Hudson was sure to note was that the shoppers of this Doylestown location, much like the shoppers of any other Doylestown business aren't necessarily motivated by bargains. They are there to find unique treasures that aren't available elsewhere. And with high-end donations overflowing the surprisingly small processing areas, it's no wonder that Good Stuff Thrift visitors enter with a sense of wonder and leave as happy customers. 

Creative displays save space. 

And in another interesting comparison, the layout and space of the two Good Stuff Thrift locations are in considerable opposition.  Good Stuff Thrift of Fairless Hills, PA yields 20,000 square feet with space to spare for customers to peruse furniture and other sizable house wares. The Good Stuff Thrift of Doylestown is a mere 5,500 feet spread across two floors and several small rooms, like a whimsically decorated house. But what maximizes the space of this location is the creative decor that artfully displays salable merchandise. Every staged tabletop and carefully hung piece of wall art is for sale. 

The Moss Bike

And yes, that includes The Moss Bike. From the pallet strung with buckets in the children's room, to the elegantly displayed crystal and china in the living room, there isn't an inch of space that doesn't do double duty in decorative merchandising.

Both Kelly and Ed hailed this space for therapeutic thrifting, as well as a blossoming venue for DIY community events. And with inspired design choices that fits the Doylestown aesthetic, I'm entirely on board with the notion that this "Thrift Boutique" is exactly what the treasure-hunting demographic is clamoring for. 

The fruits posters are on sale. Adorable. 

I'm a big fan of chair art, especially hot pink chair art. 

It's bright. It's cheery. And even the smallest of details are met with a creative touch. And this is all due to the numerous volunteers, the diligent staff and management, and the two creative masterminds behind all of the decorative flair. Kim Tillitson and Saralyn Petitt, the resident designers behind the Good Stuff Thrift of Doylestown, are also taking part in a creative fundraising effort with the 2014 Bucks County Designer House and Gardens at the historic Serendipity Farm. 

This design collaboration is the first time that a thrift store will be represented in the annual Bucks County tradition of remaking, remodeling and reimaginging a piece of historic property. All proceeds from the gala and ticket sales will benefit the Doylestown hospital. 

And if the clever design of this Good Stuff Thrift location is any indication, I think that the  visitors of the Designer House will be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities that going the secondhand route can bring. 

It's like fine dining in the countryside. 

While it's hard to believe that this Good Stuff Thrift just opened in June of 2013, it's not hard to imagine just why the company is on the fast track to secondhand success. Good Stuff Thrift of Doylestown, PA has the elegance of a boutique, culled from donations alone. But with so much artistic talent and love for secondhand staging in this beautifully designed business, there's a lot more in store than just the donations. 

Visit Good Stuff Thrift at 3633 N. Easton Rd. Doylestown, PA 18902 


Are you a thrift shop owner local to Philadelphia or Bucks County, PA looking for a visit from Let's Go Thrifting? I'm always on the prowl for new thrifting territory. 

Drop me a line and I'll try to stop by. 

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Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Not my kind of shop at all. This reminds me more of a country shop a grandmother would shop at, but maybe that's their market. Looking at the pictures, it seems I would dread walking around in there & I'm not to fond of floral scents. Also reminds me of Jenny's store from Storage Wars Texas.

Jackie Jardine said...

To each their own, I say. I think for the Doylestown crowd, which seems to gravitate to the fine decor and home furnishings, it's a good fit. I'm not sure of the age demographic, but it seemed varied while I was in there poking around.

Don't get me wrong. I love junking and being elbow deep in totes and boxes of stuff. But it's nice to escape the Goodwill grime every now and again.

Nicole said...

I definitely want to check this place out! One of the things that I dislike about thrift stores is the "aroma"-- I always want to scrub my hands immediately after. This place seems to have a pleasant vibe.

Jackie Jardine said...

I think you'll enjoy it, Nicole. Even if you don't find anything to buy, it's fun to just walk around and explore.

Mom and I, Hooked on Thrifting said...

Good Stuff Thrift sure looks like a fun store. My daughter and I are fellow thrifters as well. Check us out at:

Anonymous said...

Good Thrift is supposedly raising funds for worthy causes. However, they are a bit vague about what those causes are. I like to shop at thrift shops where my money will do some good.

SittinWaitinThriftin said...

Wow looks great I have to go there! I don't live far from Doylestown

Jackie Jardine said...

Oh yes, definitely give it a look. The ambiance alone is worth the trip.

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting