Friday, September 7, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday: Not Exactly...

Okay. The scanner is still being impossible. Maybe it's because I'm into antiquated entertainment and old timey things...but man, when technology is uncooperative I enter full-rage mode. 

So, in the interest of not going Hulk all over my dysfunctional printer/copier/scanner/fax machine, I must exhale and just walk away.

This isn't exactly vintage. And it's not a photo. But this video straight-up rules. I was just browsing the charts on iTunes and found what very well may be my new anthem. (My former anthem being "Eye of the Tiger" while sweating it out at the gym. Don't judge). This Friday, I present to you... the music video for "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore Featuring Wanz. The moral of the story? How to be pimp for less, thanks to Goodwill.

It is rather catchy. And as thrifters, I believe it is our sworn duty to make this video go viral. Oh and obligatory disclaimer: Explicit lyrics, biotch.

Enjoy and get ready to "pop some tags." 


Peace said...


Jackie Jardine said...

Ha! Thanks for watching, Peace. Glad you liked it as much as I did. I seriously could not look away, lol.

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!