Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Key To My Heart Lies in the Thrift Store

...and it only cost $1.00!

This was a lovely impulse buy from one of my favorite secondhand stops,  The Philly AIDs Thrift. I was patiently waiting at the checkout counter while the woman in front of me was chatting up the cashier. I happened to glance down at the display case. And amidst an arrangement of pin-back buttons and  novelty jewelry sat this little beauty. Don't you love the heart shape? Adorable. 

While the cashier started tallying my meager stack of discount paperbacks, I eyed the display case for a price. Fearing it was for display only, I asked the cashier if the key was for sale, by chance. She gave it a once-over and said with a smile, "How 'bout a dollar?" 

And just then, in finding such a gorgeous skeleton key, so perfectly aged with rust...my heart burst with joy. 



Stacey said...

I am planning a trip to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. I am definitely checking out the Philly AIDS Thrift, especially from your recommendation. I enjoy your posts. I plan on reviewing them to check out the other thrifts in the are. Thanks!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks for reading. I really think you'll love Philly AIDS Thrift. Since they moved into the new building, it's two floors of books, clothes, electronics, knick-knacks, toys and assorted vintage. The prices are great and the volunteers are super friendly. Have a great trip to Philadelphia!

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

Vanessa said...

That is indeed a perfect little key. Great price, too!

Jackie Jardine said...

Gotta love hearing "How 'bout a dollar" on an unpriced item!

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!