Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Thrifted Life: Shenanigans

If the price is right and the gettin’ is good, get yourself to the thrift for some cheap, no frills shenanigans. If not for something functional, like clothes or furniture, go for something fun.

You know where I find the best bargains on nonsensical items? The toy section. Of course this also means I must brave the land of unsupervised, uncontrollable sugar-high children. But if it means finding something entertaining for practically nothing, I’ll squish through the crowds of screaming kiddies.

Scary Face 1

Especially if it means finding something that allows me to make this face. Oh just imagine walking into my kitchen and seeing something like this hanging on the fridge. That’ll make ya think twice about midnight snacking.

These faces were created with the magic of magnets! And with over 50 pieces, just think of the possibilities. The only downside is, the policy of 2nd Ave Thrift is to write the price impossibly large on the front and center of whatever you’re buying.

Magnetic Kit Front

Still, it’s pretty kooky so I dig it. Plus, during half-off Customer Appreciation Day this ‘Magnetic Fun’ was 85 cents. I also found a few other strange wonders on this particular visit. But I have plans for those that I'm not quite ready to reveal... Hehehe

What thrifty shenanigans have you gotten into?

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Jackie Kirner said...

Oh, yes, bring out the alcohol to get the Sharpie price off your treasure!

Jackie Jardine said...

That's right, Jackie K. Geez. It would be so much easier if they just put a little price sticker on there instead of just writing in Sharpie. They even do it on the glass of picture frames. Why is that necessary!?