Friday, September 16, 2011

Odds 'n' Ends Thursday: It's the Time of The Season

You know what season I'm talking 'bout. It's that lovely time of year when the wind blows crisp and clean, and the leaves change color. It's perfect for layering all of your cute thrifted fashion pieces and cozying up to a hot cup of coffee for a horror movie marathon. God, I love this time of year.

And I love, love, love going through my closet and subsequently making a new fashion thrift wish list for the changing temperatures. This season I am dying to find a poncho that doesn't make me look like a sack of potatoes...or some sort of a cat lady. I would also like some saddle shoes, colorful tights (which are not likely to be thrifted, but hopefully bought on discount), a few fashionable tunics to layer over leggings and anything else that'll blend together for a comfortable look that works with the cooler weather.

And this is exactly the reason that the "Odds 'n' Ends Thursday" post will actually be published in the wee Friday morning hours. I spent a considerable amount of time today hunting the Salvation Army and the clearance racks of a few of my favorite stores for looks I love. I did find a lovely black and white print dress which I plan to layer over leggings and top with a cute cardigan. And I got some cute costume jewelry from Forever 21...including a... wait for it... robot necklace. Pictures will follow shortly.

Back to the "Odds 'n' Ends Thursday" topic...I find it a bit odd that no one has officially entered the Let's Go Thrifting! My Memories Suite Giveaway. I'd really like someone creative and thrifty to win this software. Did you miss the initial announcement? No worries.

There are six ways to gain entries:
  1. Visit the My Memories website and pick out your favorite Digital Scrapbooking Kit.  (1 Entry)
  2. Become a fan of My Memories on Facebook.  (1 Entry)
  3. Follow the My Memories Blog through Google Friend Connect. (1 Entry)
  4. Tweet @LetsGoThrifting and @MyMemoriesSuite about your passion for scrapbooking. (1 Entry)
  5. Post about the My Memories Suite Giveaway on your blog. ( 1 Entry)
  6. Follow Let's Go Thrifting! through Google Friend Connect. (1 Entry)

Just follow these instructions and then comment on the original post letting me know which entries you've completed. Please use separate comments for each one so I can make sure all of your entries are counted toward the giveaway. Also be sure that your comments have your name and email so I can let you know if you're the lucky winner.

Be sure to read my rave review of the product and the official announcement of the My Memories Suite Giveaway for more details.

Best of luck, thrifters!

What thrifted fall fashions are you looking for?

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