Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Thrifted Life: New Developments

Since gathering a meager collection of thrifted cameras, I've noticed an increased urge to travel. While it would be nice to hop in my fantasy VW minibus and hit the back roads of America, or even better....revisit the bright and beautiful Tokyo metropolis...that just isn't a financial possibility right now.

But I can scrounge together enough money for a nearby adventure. Weather permitting, some time next week I will gather my thrifted 35mm, my thrifted Polaroid, my (not thrifted but decidedly awesome) Lomography fisheye camera and hop on the train for a trip downtown. There I will wander aimlessly. I will sit drinking iced coffee and inconspicuously people-watch. I'll bring the tripod for scenic pictures. And in others I'll just shoot from the hip and see what happens.

Though I've only taken a few college classes on visual media, I've never been specifically trained in photography. But that hasn't stopped me yet. Of course finding ridiculously cheap and reliable vintage equipment for the job doesn't hurt the process either.

With any luck I'll find some incredible people, places and random events to capture on film that I may share with all of you.


And speaking of developments, Drew of Kitsch Café has been so kind as to share Let's Go Thrifting! with his readers through free, yes, FREE advertising for the month of August. So, fellow thrifters, let us return the virtual favor by flooding his blog with positive feedback. Click on over for dazzling photography and informative descriptions of vintage decor, hip mid-century modern furniture and bold graphic design. Maybe even something from the Kitsch Cafe Etsy Shop will strike your fancy.

As for me, I'm currently exploring options for affiliate advertising as a way to network with other bloggers, artists and thrift-minded folks. So if anyone out there would be interested in some cross-promotion, do contact me. There are exciting things planned for the future of Let's Go Thrifting!

What are some of your new developments? 


Vanessa said...

Hi friend. Your frugal adventure sounds wonderful, I can't wait to see the photos. (And think of fun frugal thangs for me, you, Stosh and Kira to get into up there!)

I think a lot of us are dreaming of a cross-country road thrifting road trip. We should all look for sponsorships; first one to get one contacts the others and we make it a group thing ;) Yes, been thinking of this too much.

Flo said...

Can't wait to see done pics front your downtown wandering trip! I think some cross promo would be awesome and I'm down to jump in and participate. I like Van's group idea too.

Jackie Jardine said...

@ Van... I'll definitely be jotting down fun frugal stops to make on your trip here to Philly. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy some photos once I head downtown, take some pics and get them developed. The group sponsorship is a great idea. I'd be down for that.

@Flo...We will be sure to let you know when the whole group sponsorship gets rolling!