Friday, August 5, 2011

Odds 'n' Ends Thursday: The Little Things in Life

Being thrifty means saving money, shopping sales and buying secondhand. "Thrifty" is a quantitative term, measured by dollars and cents. But sometimes, being thrifty could mean more than how much is in your wallet or what is bagged up in the back seat of your car following a trip to Goodwill.

Sometimes being thrifty means taking the time to pause, to breathe, to think and to enjoy the little things in life...things that happen everyday that are often overlooked.

These shots were taken this evening while watching my best friend practice for the Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Race. The colors alternated from a golden glow to a deep blue, to shades of gray with each passing moment. And I adjusted the aperture trying to capture the shift of color in anticipation. But these are my favorite from the bunch.

And you know what? Sitting along the Schuylkill River, entranced by the rippling of the water, feeling the cool breeze and capturing that moment when the sun makes its dramatic's free. Entirely free.

Now hopefully next week, I can tote my entire lot of cameras around the town and better appreciate the little things in life...sunsets over skyscrapers, dingy back alleys, businessmen, crosswalks, hiking trails. Just pause, breathe, take it all in, point and shoot.

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