Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Week in Review: My Epic Return to the Thrift

Since late May I’ve been fitted with an orthopedic boot for what was thought to be a stress fracture. While the diagnosis is still a bit fuzzy, the time has come to kick-off the boot and begin physical therapy.

And not a moment too soon, given my reliance upon friends and family to drive me around to run my errands. And since thrifting is not quite a necessary errand (at least not one to friends and family) I was having a severe secondhand shortage.

Today marks my triumphant solo return to the thrift. And while I only made a single purchase, I knew instantly what I had been missing.

Cigar box and contents, $1 from Second Ave Value Store.

Take this cigar box, for example. Square, sturdy, with the sweet image of a biker's sillhoutte. A nice box of Nicaraguan cigars imported by the Acid company. Sounds smooth, doesn't it? But what's in the box, you ask.

Lighters? A deck of cards? Grandpa's corncob pipe collection?


Which one of you kids wants a stogie?

Gather 'round, children. It's time for papa to light up one of his Acid cigars and regale you with stories of cross-country bike trips. Oh wait, we're fresh out of cigars. Here, play with these ABC blocks instead.

...And that's exactly what I've been missing from the thrift.

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Vanessa said...

Ah, it's the kind of whimsy our thrifty hearts scream for! The perfect find for your triumphant return!

I hope new mobility is going well for you! It's SO frustrating to lose it!

Also: Already enjoying Pink Samurai. I can't wait to visit Japan, likely this year! I'll have to hit you up on tips for the journey! :)!

thrift shopper for peace said...

that is awesome. what a great treasure hunt find!

BeckyKay said...

excellent!! I love cigar boxes, because you never know what you will find inside. and the box is as delightful as the surprise!

Jackie Jardine said...

I really enjoyed finding the dark comedy of children's alphabet blocks in a cigar box marked "Acid." I wasn't going to buy it originally, just document the find with a quick picture in-store. But for a buck I had to bring it home. Plus I have other photo staging ideas. Have on you thrifters found something ironic lately?

Brittany said...

One of the best photo reveals I've the use of the blocks to answer the "what's in the box" question!

Jackie Jardine said...

Well, thank you much, Brittany! I had the whole thing pictured in my head as soon as I opened the box in the thrift store that day. I actually sifted through the blocks to be sure I could spell "these" before purchasing. All-in-all...a fun find!