Friday, April 22, 2011

And The Winner Is…

As a way to thank all of the followers and fans of Let’s Go Thrifting! and to celebrate our first landmark accomplishment, I decided back in February to have a giveaway in honor of the 50th follow.

And after plotting, planning and waiting it out, the time is finally upon us.

So I whipped out my favorite thrifted hat…

The Thrifted Hat Giveaway

…assigned everyone a number from 1-50, wrote the numbers on little scraps of paper, tossed them inside…

Giveaway numbers

…gave them a shake, closed my eyes and plucked out lucky number 25.

And the winner is monogirl from Vintage Spinster!

Book Freebie

Congratulations! As promised, you have won The Complete Book of Small Antiques Collecting by Katharine Morrison McClinton from 1965.

This vintage read, and a few other surprises will be shipped to you free of charge as my little token of appreciation.

Thanks everyone for reading, liking, following and sharing your thoughts.
Stay thrifty.

<3 Jackie @ Let’s Go Thrifting!


monogirl said...

Thanks Jackie! I've emailed you my info.

Jackie Jardine said...

Thank you for following! I'll be mailing a little box of goodies your way shortly!