Monday, January 1, 2018

Pain Of The Past. Gift Of The Present. Hope For The Future.

Take it from this lady and her chihuahua: The past is a collection of lessons learned.

I cannot speak for everyone. But for me personally, the majority of 2017 was one big ol' dumpster fire. Medical mysteries, a prolonged sick leave from work, pain and subsequent depression. Bad news, self-pity, poor finances. It was a real mess. BUT. It wasn't a total loss. 2017 also brought some beautiful and amazing things, and people. Like the day that my little sister got married to a good man whom she loves and who loves her. Or when my dad, the hardest working man I know...and the kind of person who I aspire to be...retired from the Philadelphia Police Dept. Or when I realized how James and I have become a couple who has endured, whose relationship is stronger than ever. When we adopted our furry son, Bernie the Beagle, who makes us laugh every single day. And our respective families, who have been a collective rock during rough times, for whom we are forever thankful for having in our lives. 

So I'm taking everything that happened and placing it on a timeline with everything that will happen. There were things that couldn't be prevented, true. But there is always something to be learned. Just like this sweet little old lady and her canine companion. This is one of my hands down, all-time favorite thrifted finds, and a treasured part of my vintage photo collection. I just imagine this woman relating a story to a friend or family member. She's lived a long life, experienced a lot. And in this moment she could've been bestowing some of her learned wisdom. That's what I like to think, anyway.  

And on the topic of learned wisdom, while any day of the year could (and perhaps should) be a time for change... for many, January 1st is THE day to resolve to self-betterment. And it should be said that I initially began this post as a how-to guide in the vein of resolutions, but it has become something else entirely. 

Some may swear off smoking. Some may want to lose weight. Everybody wants something, despite the so-called experts saying that most "resolutions" are abandoned by January's end. But whatever your goal, your dream, your aspiration may be, I wish you well. 

Change is hard. If it wasn't, I suppose we'd all be the perfect versions of ourselves, without the vices that make us human. We'll never have perfect bodies, perfect minds, perfect finances, perfect...anything. But what we can hope for, and try to the best version of ourselves. 

And I hope that 2018 will see you living your best life. 

Stay happy.
Stay healthy.
Stay thrifty. 
And stay tuned for the original blog post that this was meant to be.

Please do feel free to comment with your thoughts on this past year, and what you hope to gain from 2018. I'd look forward to sharing this time for a little personal exploration into how we can take the past, the present, and a hopeful future with a dose of optimism...together.

Love to all,
Jackie Jardine
Let's Go Thrifting

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