Monday, September 18, 2017

Let's Get Frugal: How I Got This Craft Cart Entirely FREE

3-Tier Rolling Craft Cart, FREE from 

I first spotted this mint colored metal rolling craft cart in my local Michael's craft store. It was just the cutest, and so functional for someone looking to turn their second bedroom into a home office. It was also $60. Not the amount of money I was willing to spend, unfortunately. So I left it behind. 

About a month later, I got an email advertising a blowout sale on the Michaels website and decided to see if my little mint craft cart was available. It was! And for just $23.99 it could be all mine.

But the thriftiness didn't stop there. I decided to open my Ibotta app and check my balance. I had more than enough to cover the costs. So I made a withdraw and deposited  that right into my PayPal account. 

What is Ibotta? Well in short, it's free money for minimal effort. If you have a tablet or smart phone, you simply download the free app and set up an account. You search for stores you shop at the most, from electronics and home goods, to pet supply stores and supermarkets. And if you buy any of the products or offers listed, you get cash back on your account by clicking a few buttons and taking a picture of your receipt. No scams, no gimmicks. It's like virtual coupons with savings that you can bank for store gift cards or PayPal deposits. 

Don't believe me? 

Just check out my lifetime earnings thus far! I downloaded the Ibotta app in January and have already saved almost $140. Now, that may not sound like a lot to some people. But when you use those funds to buy the little extras in life, the non-necessities, if you will, that extra little income can really can be helpful. 

My advice? To really stretch those savings, use your withdraw on items that are on sale, or that you have a coupon for...or even on items that earn you money back on Ibotta!  

If you'd like to get started, you can download the free app using my referral link. Or download the app and use the referral code: "ejkusoc." You'll get a $10 welcome bonus after your first approved purchase, and I'll earn a bonus too. It's a win-win! 

The perfect FREE storage solution for my jute, burlap, brushes, and more. 

Ah, to have things neat and tidy! I actually got those tin cups from Hallmark after Valentine's Day. They were on clearance for 29 cents each---a total steal. The little jars are for homemade under-eye creams, to be featured on a future post. And since I'm a nerd...I have a label maker, naturally. 

The bottom shelf needs a bit more organization to it...but since Bernie the Beagle is constantly stealing my latex gloves and drop cloth...I might have to rethink their placement. 

Dollar store plastic bins, thrifted baskets, or small wooden crates go a long way when it comes to storing craft supplies. So if you're looking to score your own craft cart for free...and organize it for've come to the right place. 

Stay frugal, my friends.

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Tana said...

You had me at mint colored rolling cart cart...but for free?? Yowza! That's impressive, and I will be checking my ibotta account ASAP! Thanks for sharing a great find!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thank you for reading, Tana!

Serena @ Thrift Diving said...

Hey, Jackie! I had to come and find you to see if you were still blogging! This is Serena from Thrift Diving! I was cleaning up some old emails and stuff and found some emails between us back in 2012! We were talking about blog stuff and how many subscribers we have. So much fun to come and find you and see that you're still blogging and finding awesome deals! I'm still blogging at, too. It's my full-time gig now. So happy to connect with you! I'll be sure to stay in touch! Email me if you get a chance: Talk with you soon!


Jackie Jardine said...

Hey Serena! It's nice to hear from you. I've still been at the blogging deal, though not with the consistency that I should. You know how it is---life gets in the way. It's awesome that you've made the switch to full-time! I've been following your blog, great work!

I'll drop you a line soon.
<3 Jackie J