Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Teeny, Tiny Secondhand Treasures: Crystal Creatures

While on vacation this summer, James and I spent an entire day seeking out thrift stores and consignment shops in the Ocean City, NJ area and beyond. And right on Asbury Avenue in downtown Ocean City was Mew To You, a combination thrift store and nonprofit cat rescue. It's the perfect pairing because if you don't find a vintage treasure to take home, at the very least you could visit the kitties in the back that are up for adoption through the Cape Atlantic Cats organization. Well, except for James. His allergies had to keep him waiting outside while I perused the shop and cooed at all of the cats. 

For being a small business, Mew To You had a surprisingly full stock of vintage toys, paperbacks, dinnerware, and knick-knacks. I went home with these vintage beauties. Made by Manon in 1984, this mythical pairing has Swarovski crystals for a torso. SO 80's AND I LOVE IT. 

Individually they can fetch a considerable profit on Ebay and Etsy, especially since they only cost me $3.00 (originally $6.00 but found at 50% off on a bric-a-brac sale). But I'm not interested in selling. They look right at home on our entry way display self. Of course, James is proud of me for indulging in fantasy nerddom. And admittedly, they are so us. Clearly, I'm the unicorn. He's the fire-breathing dragon. 

Thrilled to have found these gorgeous creatures at such a great price, I stuffed a dollar in the donation jar and we continued on our vacation thrift trip. 

If you are visiting the Ocean City area and are looking for an adorable thrift shop whose benefits go to cats in need, pay Mew To You a visit. And if you're a local and looking for a family pet, that's even better! Though I can't guarantee you'll find any crystal unicorns. 

Have you ever visited a thrift store/pet rescue combo?

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I absolutely adore the idea of a thrift shop/rescue!!! So awesome!