Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thriftspiration: The Celebrity Lookbook Of Ilda Pellett

A Crown composition book, to Ilda from Ellen.

It was a scorching afternoon at the Columbus Flea Market, the time of day where vendors are keen to packing up their wares.  And I was just about finished with the junking of the day and about to move along to the produce section for some sweet Jersey tomatoes. That's when I stumbled upon a chatty seller with just a few vintage items spread about a single table. We got to talking about our mutual appreciation for vintage photographs and ephemera...and the lost of art of memory keeping. 

While this used composition book was an add-on purchase at the suggestion of the vendor (the original item purchased will be featured in a later post), I was excited to see what was inside, to see what Ilda Pellett of the 4th grade once held dear. 

I was not disappointed to find an entire composition book of celebrity clippings, glamour shots, and fashion spreads from the late 1920s-1930s. Maybe you think this is silly. Or maybe you'd consider it a sort of primitive Pinterest board. But I love it. And hell, I've done it. Being a secondhand fashion blogger in part, putting together a notebook of style aspirations is something that helps me when I go thrifting. It helps me stay inspired and organized. And I've been recommending this sort of tangible on-the-go thriftspiration for years. 

And a special bonus: Ilda had tucked all of her favorite paper dolls and paper doll fashions within the pages of her composition book. 

A pile of paper fashions. 

A selection from the paper doll collection. 

Isn't it sort of amazing that these cherished paper dolls survived some 85+ years intact? I already have some crafty upcycling plans for them, in the form of shrunken plastic jewelry. But in the meantime I'll just enjoy the aesthetic of this collection. I thank Ilda Pellett for her creative vision and dreams of stardom, and to her friend "Ellen W" who gifted the Crown composition book to Ilda. I admire the vendor who saved this from an estate clean-out that could likely have ended in a garbage can, who saw the potential in saving such a personal item...and for selling it to me for just one dollar.

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Witchcrafted Life said...

I would honestly have found myself short of breath from the overwhelming amount of glee I was experiencing if I'd found this incredible vintage scrapbook. :)

What a stellar, exciting and downright beautiful score, Jackie. Giant congrats on this treasure - I truly adored seeing it!

Many hugs,
♥ Jessica

Jackie Jardine said...

And to think, I almost missed it, Jessica! I was too busy fawning all over my other find. The vendor actually pointed this out to me and I was like ahhhh YES, I'll take it!!

With all the glamorous vintage style in there, I'm not surprised you love it. Thanks for reading, as always.

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting