Friday, January 1, 2016

Can Secondhand Stuff Create A Brand New You in 2016?

Another revolution around the sun,  another resolution made. After all the whistles and noisemakers have been blown and the last of the celebratory champagne has been drunk, you likely swore a silent resolution to self-betterment. And in that regard, I hope that you have a healthy, happy, and productive new year. Now I'm here to help you make strides towards some goals you've set for yourself the only way I know how: thrift shopping. 

Resolution: Weight Loss
I'm going to start with the #1 most mentioned resolution, losing weight. While I believe that health and wellness doesn't always equate to numbers on a scale, if your goal is to lose a few pounds, then you can consider the thrift store to be your weight loss ally. 

You can find aerobic machines such as treadmills and elliptical rowers at a fraction of the retail cost. And workout DVDs are almost guaranteed to be found at relative ease. You can even find dietary cookbooks for recipe ideas, and use thrifting for clothes as  a means to dress for less when you find yourself between weight loss goals.

Resolution: Learn Something New
Hit the thrift for a dose of inspiration. Maybe you'll find foreign language software, a beginner's sewing machine, a box of magic tricks, a loom, a blank canvas, a DIY sushi set----who knows!? But with enough time and a little luck, you'll find something that both strikes your fancy and sparks your interest. 

Resolution: Better Finances
Plan your budget. Put more into your savings account. Clip coupons. And don't forget to go thrifting with a purpose. Thrifting is cool as a pastime activity. But buy what you need and what you'll actually use. 

Resolution: Increased Cleaning & Organization 
Sure, you could go thrifting for bookcases, filing cabinets, folders, and storage boxes. But before you go to the thrift store to bring more into an already cluttered home...consider purging the excess first. Ask yourself: "Have I used this in the last six months/year? Am I going to use it? Is it properly stored when not in use?" If the answer to any of these questions is no...well, it might be time for it to go. Bag it up and donate it to the thrift store, so someone else might find some use for it. And don't forget to get that tax-deductible donation receipt! 

Resolution: Helping Others
Visit your local thrift store and ask if they offer volunteer opportunities that would fit your time schedule. Even if you are unable to make a long term commitment, your services would likely still be appreciated. And if you are unable to volunteer in-store, you could ask about which non-profit agencies the thrift store benefits. Maybe those agencies are looking for volunteers on a day-by-day basis. 

While thrifting may not be the answer to every question, or the means to meet every resolution might be a good place to start for some. As for the rest? Seek help from the best resource you have available to you: a solid support system of family and friends. Here's hoping for a thrifty and productive year!

 Best of well wishes for a wonderful 2016, everyone!

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Unknown said...

I was thinking about making this a challenge for the year. Thrift what I need. Purge what I don't. Minimalism! Yay!
I'm actually trying to think of a way I could transform thrifted finds into coveted Christmas presents for the end of this year!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks for reading, Marsha!

Sounds like a solid plan, Liz.

~Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

Vanessa said...

Awesome spin with this post :) I love the thrifts for donating loads of stuff for the new year and finding replacements, haha. This year I'm looking for free-weights, new clothes, mod furniture replacements and interesting art.

Happy new year, and good luck on resolutions in 2016!

Jackie Jardine said...

As always thanks for the comment-love, Vanessa! Oh my God... I need to start an entirely new Thrift Wish List for secondhand swag I'm hoping to find. I swear...when I'm not in need of furniture, I spot all of the best pieces. Now that I'm in the market for it---slim pickings! Oh well hopefully we'll both have some luck finding everything we need. Happy New Year!

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting