Monday, November 16, 2015

Secondhand Style: How To Look And Feel Pretty Tough

Put on a brave face, baby. 

For me style has a bit to do with clothes. It has a bit to do with accessories. But style has a lot to do with attitude. It's not about the clothes wearing you. You wear them. You own them. I mean you, own them. Self-confidence being something that I'm lacking, I realized something the other day.

I contend with a fair amount of setbacks. Being the only female supervisor at my job which demands a lot of physical activity, I have to maintain a presence and ability to be "one of the boys." Driving forklifts, breaking down pallets, confronting shoplifters, solving problems, being in charge. Time and time again I am told this is a man's job. And I'm not going to lie. It's tough work. It's work made more difficult by the chronic pain of a debilitating disease. 

But I remind myself. I have Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia doesn't have me, at least not all of me. And if I'm going to be woman in a man's world, I'm going to be a pretty tough bitch.

And I may as well look the part. So I took to the thrift store. Freshly inspired by an influx of army-inspired fall fashion I've seen in the likes of InStyle or Marie Claire magazines, I kept my eyes open to something secondhand that could make me feel more empowered.

And yet another interesting facet of style---a sense of personal empowerment. And why not? Fashion is a choice to be made and a statement to be heard. And secondhand fashion is an even more powerful statement. Thrift shopping for clothes says: 'I'll wear what I want, when I find it, on a budget that fits.' It's a commitment. And one that I don't mind, not one little bit. 

Owning it. 

Because when a few thrifting trips turns into an overall look I love, that's some spending power  I'll flex without question. And in breaking it down, the spending went something like this:

Cropped blue military-inspired cardigan, Impact Fashion Outlet $4.99
Black and gray broad striped tee, Goodwill. $3.50
Marbled jeans, Lane Bryant Outlet.  $19.99
Taupe American Eagle combat boots: Impact Fashion Outlet, $12

I love this outfit for it's grungy, yet structured feel. Paired with loose waves and a strong red lip, it's my go-to get out my way look. It's fearless and feminine. It's pretty tough.

And if you want to be pretty tough, it's quite simple: 

  • Be confident that you're strong enough to push yourself through anything
  • Celebrate your body with the clothes, accessories, and attitude that fits your style.
  • Thrift your way to financial independence.
  • Pair combat boots and cropped anything. It just works.
  • Don't take any crap. 

What makes you pretty tough?


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Vanessa said...

Ah ha, so cropping the pants would have made my combat boots work better. I sold mine for so little and they were so cute ;p

Anywho! I've been playing with fashion too and thrift stores make it so easy. I love your go-to look and how it's comfortable. It's easier to feel fierce when you have excellent mobility in the workplace :) ! You look cute.

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Vanessa! I would say that I wish I could wear an outfit like this to work instead of the standard uniform...but then it might get torn or dirty. I've been getting really lucky with my secondhand style finds lately. Thank God! For a while there it was looking a bit grim.

<3 Jackie