Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy 5th Blogiversary To Me!

Another edible masterpiece created by my sister, Ashley. 

It's hard to believe that my love for thrifting has brought me this far. I've been given behind-the-scenes access to my favorite thrift stores. I've collected so many stories from secondhand items and from the fabulous vintage enthusiasts I've met along the way. I've been an invited guest speaker at a renowned university...and have been published in print and online, all in the name of thrift shopping.

And today, October 5th 2015---- my fifth and golden blogiversary, I have nothing but high hopes that Let's Go Thrifting will continue to evolve and inspire.

Thank you all for reading, commenting, sharing, and for thrifting. We really are a community here. It is our spending power that keeps usable items alive----our resolve that says we will spend our hard-earned money on unique items that we've found, not mass-marketed wares that are forced upon us. So keep donating. Keep buying secondhand.

Thank you and you, and you, and YOU.

Keep on thrifting. And stay tuned. Because on Thursday October 8th, I'll be launching a MAJOR giveaway. One lucky reader will win:
  • A seminal book on thrift shopping/flea markets
  • A selection of vintage wares from my personal collection
  • A pair of handmade earrings
  • A stash of crafting supplies, and more!

Zoe says, "Cake please." 

Further details on this awesome prize pack and how you can win will follow this post. But now it's time for me to celebrate. Now it's time for cake! 

   Stay thrifty, my friends.

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Cynthia said...

Happy Blogiversary! What a cool, cool cake your sister made. . .

Jackie Jardine said...

Thank you, Cynthia! My sister is a professional cake decorator. And every occasion she seems to top herself, I swear. Thanks for reading.

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

Rachel S. said...

That cake is awesome!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Rachel! My sister is ridiculously talented. She says this cake is full of cool stuff that I hope to find a the thrift store.

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting