Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Decorative Avon Addition To The Boudoir

Is it just me, or did Avon really have it going on back in the day? Take the vintage design of the Avon "Sonnet" beauty dust container that I found. Isn't it a thing of beauty? 

I've been spotting a fair amount of vintage Avon perfumes lately---all kitschy, and still quite potent with that vintage Avon aroma. But when I spotted this white ridged wonder at the thrift shop for just 99 cents... I snatched it right up. 

Anything with that glamorous "Shall-we-retire-to-the-boudoir" aesthetic is just irresistible.  

And in keeping with my mantra of making vintage decor double as secondhand storage solutions, this container is a stylish way to keep my cotton balls handy for manicures and a strict beauty regimen. You know...to stay magnifique for all those late night rendezvous in the boudoir. 

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Have you heard Avon calling at the thrift store?
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Jill said...

I have been seeing vintage Avon quite often lately too, you found a cute one!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, for reading, Jill! I do love those vintage Avon perfume bottles. But I'm trying to make my purchases be more practical. (Of course cute things for the sake of being cute still do slip in to the shopping cart now and again).

<3 Jackie

Witchcrafted Life said...

It's not just you, I think that Avon's offerings were on the design ball, the bee's knees, and all kinds of stylish during the mid-twentieth century as well. A mere $0.99 is a total steal for this timeless beauty! Congrats on finding it, dear Jackie.

♥ Jessica

Jackie Jardine said...

Many thanks, Jessica. I knew you'd dig this find. It even still has that faint aroma of body dust.

<3 Jackie

Vanessa said...

I see this era of avon stuff often while thrifintg. Reminds me of my mom who used to sell the stuff in the 1980s.