Monday, March 10, 2014

Rococo Regal For Under Five Bucks

In my last visit to Good Stuff Thrift of Fairless Hills, there were a few items that caught my eye. But the big score of the day was definitely this trinket box. I first spotted it while shooting photos for the blog entry and was worried it was picked up by another thrifter. But I came back to find it sitting safe and sound with the other bric-a-brac.  

And here are the thrift facts on this spectacular find: 

  • That romanic scene is a satin print of "Spring" by Rococo artist Boucher.
  • The intricate columns and the inside of the box are both lined with red velour.
  • There's a delightfully vintage filigree pattern on the inner lid. 
  • It cost $4.50, which I suspect is a steal given just how lovely this trinket box is.
  • I'm putting it to good use. 

    While I initially thought of listing this piece on my Etsy shop, I think for now it makes for a thrifty, yet regal storage piece for my growing collection of skeleton keys. I don't know... Something about this trinket box says clandestine affair to me, like slipping a secret lover the key to your boudoir.  

    What do you think? 

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    Vanessa said...

    Very beautiful piece!

    Jackie Jardine said...

    Thanks, Van! I think so too.

    Melissa said...

    It reminds me of a box that the old timey (I couldn't think of a better phrase, need more coffee) jilted wife might keep her poison in. Very dark and romantic.
    Cool find!

    Jackie Jardine said...

    Old-timey poison box. I like that too! Very mysterious.
    Thanks for stopping by for a read, Melissa!

    Mom and I, Hooked on Thrifting said...

    That trinket box is beautiful. What a find!

    Unknown said...

    It's so romantic, I love the details!

    We used chalkboard paint recently, that's a great idea for a lampshade! Thanks!