Thursday, February 13, 2014

Product Reviews And Me: Who Doesn't Love Free?

Free. Seriously. FREE.

Being a blogger and freelance writer, social media clout is a valuable asset. It makes for good virtual dialogue about a shared passion for thrift shopping, connections with other bloggers and creatives in the secondhand niche and occasionally it even stuff.

While I don't like to treat Let's Go Thrifting as an advertorial, it would be grossly negligent for me not to discuss my love for freebies. So in full disclosure, about a year ago I signed up for two product review websites and linked them both to my assortment of social media accounts.

After making a profile of my interests and shopping habits, and following several product-specifc surveys, I found myself eligible for some serious swag.

I'm talking pricey razors, cosmetics, nail polish, healthy snack bars, soaps. Nice stuff! And in exchange for these products, all that is required of me is an honest review of the product that I'd share with my social media followers and with the product review websites, so that they in turn will provide that feedback to the brand manufacturer. Easy peasy!

This impressive haul pictured above was mailed to me in just the last week, completely complimentary for testing purposes from BzzAgent.

No spam, no scams, no sales pitches. And oh yeah, it's free. I mentioned that, right?

Complimentary from the Diamond Candles company. 

Of course, I'm always open to the idea of product reviews that benefits the Let's Go Thrifting community, like the successful Diamond Candle giveaway I held back in September.

So if you're interested in partnering for a product review or sponsored giveaway promotion with Let's Go Thrifting, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Until then, go ahead and check out BzzAgent for some fun freebies of your own.

Now tell me. Who doesn't love free?  

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