Thursday, November 7, 2013

Adorable, Vintage And Only 99 Cents. But What Is It?

I almost forgot about this little buried treasure. I salvaged it from a dig at one of Impact Thrift's unsorted bric-a-brac sales some time ago. I found it inside a plastic tote otherwise filled with dusty dinnerware pieces and placed it my basket to examine before purchase.

It's brown, plastic and made in Hong Kong. The thermometer is purely decorative.  The day and month can be changed manually by rolling the dial and pushing the little arrow, respectively. That precious little globe spins and the piece stands 11" high. That's what I know.

Now here's what I'm left wondering.... what is it, exactly? I took to the powers of Google for further information and found a single eBay listing which called this an "Unusual Vintage Thermometer Globe Month Day Clock Tower." That's just as descriptive, yet inconclusive as my guess would have been.

But whatever it's siting on my bookshelf, where I occasionally pass by and give that little globe a spin. It's got character. And identifying it won't change my opinion one way or another. But still, I'd love to know a little more about it. 

So what do you make of my little Vintage Thermometer Globe Month Day Clock Tower? 
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Melissa said...

I've never seen anything like that before so I sadly can't be of any help. But if you ever decide to sell it I call dibs!

Jackie Jardine said...

Ha ha, thanks, Melissa. All I know is, that there is at least one other in existence. Pretty cute though, for just 99 cents!

<3 Jackie

Vanessa said...

Oh that is beautiful! Can't beat the price fo' sho' . :)

Unknown said...

Whatever it is, and whatever it's purpose once's pretty interesting! I saw a frog little guy today at the thrift shop that had a little stand and tiny beaker attached to him...very strange!! :) The things you find! :)

Jackie Jardine said...

I agree, Van. It's visually just... it's great. That's all, ha ha. <3 Jackie

Jackie Jardine said...

Ya gotta love the things that make you go "hmmm," Diana. Oh and I saw your owl hunt earlier at the thrift. There are so many! It takes a lot of self control on my part not to bring home every single owl I see.

<3 Jackie

Mom and I, Hooked on Thrifting said...

Hi Jackie! Just stumbled across your blog. "Lets go thrifting" is an expression used often by my daughter and I. We are thrift-store crazy! Your blog is just so fun!

Hope that you will check out the thrifting blog that my daughter & I share. The URL is:

Happy Holidays to you & yours! and Happy Thrifting! Julie

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Julie. Unfortunately an illness has kept me from updating Let's Go Thrifting. But don't worry, I'm coming bak quite soon!

<3 Jackie

Anonymous said...

I believe that the date of the month ex: 01 thru 31 would go in the empty square holes. So it would tell you month- day of the week and calendar date.

KaleidoCat said...

This does have character... very cool find! :)

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Cat. I almost left it behind, solely because I couldn't figure out what purpose it served. But I guess sometimes it just isn't about purpose!

<3 Jackie