Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Second Life: A Halloween Doll Pictorial

This is the incredibly true story of how one peculiar doll found a second life. 
Well, it's mostly true...

One damp, dark day while browsing the Goodwill I came across a doll. In truth, I came across many dolls that particular day. But this one was especially sad. It looked as if she had long since expired. Her worn face, her heavy lids and ratted hair showed signs that she had, in fact, been played-with to death.

But there was a store special that day, in which one item below $4 was free. I gently picked up the doll corpse and brought her to the checkout counter, much to the horror of the cashier. 

So the ragged plaything came home with me and sat lifelessly with the other dolls. mischievous day, she came to life. Imagine my surprise!

In eager anticipation of Halloween, this doll wanted nothing more than to visit the local orchard for some fresh picked apples. 

So off she went, over the hills and through the forrest until she reached a lovely little apple orchard far, far away. 

She reached her tiny outstretched fingers and plucked the very best apples she could find from the tallest trees. Soon the entire basket was filled and she was ready to start her long trek home. 

And with her basket filled with shiny red apples, the determined little doll made it all the way through the dark forrest and down the hill. And as you might imagine, she was quite tired from such a long journey.

So she laid her head down in a pile of crisp autumn leaves and fell fast asleep. Soon it was dark and I was worried where my doll had gone. So I peeked through the curtains from my window. And who did I find peacefully lying in the backyard...but that same thrift store doll.

So, kiddies, the lesson learned is that all items...even the spooky ones...once salvaged from the thrift store, are given a wonderful opportunity for a second life. Happy Halloween! 

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5 comments: said...

What a cute story! I enjoyed every creative word.

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Sandra! I love photographing dolls. So rarely am I afforded an opportunity to write stories around them too.

<3 Jackie

Vanessa said...

Love the doll and the story but nope. Nope nope. All dolls are too creepy to live with me.

Melissa said...

Great story and I love the pictures, but holy crap on a cracker! She's terrifying!!!

Jackie Jardine said...

I went with cute and creepy on this one, Melissa. Ha ha. Is it wrong to think that a lot of vintage dolls possess both qualities? It's perfect for Halloween.

<3 Jackie