Monday, September 30, 2013

The Great Ring Reveal and Diamond Candle Giveaway Finale

After a week of melting wax, basking in a warm glow and being enveloped in the soft scent of orchids, my ring was at last revealed. Once that foil packet came to the surface of the soy, I blew out that candle like a kid ready to put his face in the birthday cake. I fished out the bundle from the hot wax with a pair of tweezers and eagerly unwrapped the protective layers of foil and plastic to reveal the ring surprise.

It's gorgeous! I love it. While it's not a precious stone worth hundreds, I'm a sucker for colorful costume jewelry. And it's actually pretty close to my emerald birthstone. There's just one dilemma. My sister also   likes the ring and it fits her perfectly. If I want to wear it comfortably, I have to get it resized to fit my pudgy digits.  Ahhh, what's a girl to do? 

Well, since a kindly representative offered me this free product from Diamond Candles to review, I feel that I might offer the ring as a gift to the sis. Besides, she's making me a confectionary surprise for next week's 3rd year Blogiversary. 3 years, can you believe that?

But I digress. 

As you also know, a week ago I opened a Rafflecopter giveaway for a free Diamond Candle for one lucky reader. Thank you all for entering, sharing and crossing those fingers. Well it's time to announce whose finger is getting a brand new ring inside a delightful Diamond Candle. 

And drumroll, please...
The winner is... 
Kelly Constance Rassett!

Congratulations, Kelly! If you're reading this, I'm sending you an email with all the information you'll need to claim your prize.

To all my many readers, thank you for another successful giveaway. And many thanks to Diamond Candles for sponsoring this wonderful event. 

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Melissa said...

Those damn candles could get me into trouble. I want to try one!

Jackie Jardine said...

I really like mine a lot, Melissa! They're huge, a lot bigger than I even expected. And waiting for that ring to appear is like Christmas Eve when you were a kid, ha ha.

<3 Jackie