Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Resource Exchange of Philadelphia, PA

In the Port Richmond area of Philadelphia, within a red-bricked building a mere 20 minutes from my home, lies a business based entirely on creative reuse.

Since 2009, The Resource Exchange has salvaged tons, literally tons of what was once considered waste. From theatrical props and set pieces, to art supplies, fabrics, lumber and a miscellany of remnants from buildings and movie demolitions, The Resource Exchange will take it all in and sell it cheaply to Philadelphia artists and crafters. This cyclical rescue mission lessens the landfills, keeps the theatrical goods in Philly for creative reuse and makes for interesting browsing.

Here's just some of what The Resource Exchange had in store.

If you ever find yourself in the Philadelphia area and are looking for some creative inspiration when it comes to secondhand supplies, The Resource Exchange at 2829 Cedar Street is a must-see salvage center. 

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Melissa said...

It would be so cool to rewire those elevator switches into light switches!

Jackie Jardine said...

That's an awesome idea, Melissa. The Resource Exchange had tons of interesting stuff to consider for upcycling projects.

<3 Jackie