Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Man Cave: Thrifted Artifacts, Dirt Cheap

thrifted secondhand man cave essentials

As a self-professed collector and purveyor of cultural artifacts excavated from the secondhand, it greatly surprised me on just how little I knew about how the other half lived. 

But on recent trips to the thrift, I've been drawn away from the cute designer clothes and bags to the slightly more...masculine aesthetics. We all remember the story of how I came about finding a brothel token from the Mustang Ranch on my first rummage dig at Impact Thrift. 

Well, these finds were unearthed from dusty boxes and bins just a few days later. It wasn't until now that I cleaned and staged them for photos. And it wasn't until I began the staging process that I even realized the connection. It's all man cave approved! 

Whiskey! Women! Pool! It's complete debauchery, I tell you. 

After showing off my newly assembled secondhand man cave on the Let's Go Thrifting Facebook page, I invited fans and friends to play a Name That Price guessing game.

Well, since I scored every single find from an unprocessed bric-a-brac sale...I had to dig these artifacts from the rubble. But the price was well worth it...

And here it is folks, the grand total. 


Mustang Ranch Brothel Token and Key: $1
Vintage owl: $1
Bar room mirror: $1
Dickel Whiskey pitcher: $1
Vintage pail: $1
Vintage pool balls, all of them except a missing 11 ball: $1

vintage pool balls as decor thrift store man cave

Thanks for playing, everybody! And many thanks to Impact Thrift Stores for hosting the biggest, company-wide rummage sale this thrift blogger has ever seen. 

What man stuff are you thrifting for your caves? 

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Melissa said...

Great finds! The pool balls are so neat, I always want to buy them but then I have no idea what I would do with them so I put them back, but for $1, hell yes!
I recently found a really cool metal wire basket and some yardsticks that I upcycled into a neat shelf. It's very masculine, but this little chick is keeping it!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Melissa. I love the pool balls! I just think they make a nice display in a pail or vase or sturdy basket. These are yellowed and faded with age, which I think only adds to the appeal. Your yardstick 'n' metal basket sounds like an awesome idea!

I don't like to throw around the words masculine or feminine too much. But when it comes to decor, some things have more of a gendered feel. And I think everybody could use a good man cave!

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

Vanessa said...

I've been stuck on the man cave digs for years, the collection of barware I'm trying to sell is formidable. LOVE all that you scored!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Van. When I salvaged that whiskey pitcher and bar room mirror, I thought of some man cave-inspired goods you've featured in the past!

<3 Jackie