Friday, April 19, 2013

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...

I recently acquired a bunch of snapshots from Etsy, in the hopes of expanding my ever-growing collection of vintage photographs. I was pleasantly surprised by the lot: A handpicked selection of 25 photos of men, women, children, pets and houses of yesteryear, all gems every one. 

Many of the photographs featured a handful of the same family members in what spanned over a decade of time. But these two shots are really fascinating to me.

Just look at that sweet elderly woman, with her hand-darned pillow and floral printed frock, sitting pretty in that leather chair. Wait...

It's the same pose. It's the same dress. And it's obviously that same leather chair. But despite the same sweet ol' granny, check out all the differences. 

Isn't it odd that she appears exactly the same, but there are so many differences between the two photographs? 

It's a vintage photo hunt! 
How many differences can you spot between the two photos? 
Leave your comment below and let's see how many we can find. 

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