Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Goodwill Discovery & The Accidental Audiophile

Let me preface this post by saying that I was heading to Salvation Army in search of an on-trend Spring wardrobe.

So how did I end up with a fresh stack of records?

Well, I was driving along Lincoln Highway, mere minutes from the Salvation Army, when I spotted something on the opposite side of the road that wasn't there before.

It was a brand spankin' new Goodwill. I got all jittery behind the wheel, realizing I  just discovered new hunting ground. And it was a good thing too, because Salvation Army just had nothing for me today. I gleefully turned around and found myself walking through a clean, organized, fully-stocked Goodwill. 

I had already found a shirt, and a small promotional Benefit makeup bag with new, sealed travel sizes of some of my favorite products inside. But when I spotted another 20-something  thrifter intently bent over the boxes of records, I new it was worth a look. 

Sleeves. As soon as I saw the sheen of those plastic sleeves, I knew I was staring at a stockpile of audio gold. If you spot a stack of LPs in protective sleeves, you just know you've hit the jackpot. The former owner took care of these records. They were  true collectors. I inhaled the vintage aroma, knelt down and readied myself for the magic. 

Gingerly thumbing through the collection, I found record after record from a former owner after my own heart. 

Just look at that shine. There's not a scratch on them. No warping of any kind. Those grooves are just so smooth, I could die. Die to the sweet sounds of Nancy Sinatra. 

$4.23 spent and I scooped up mint condition copies of:

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool
Bob Dylan: Empire Burlesque 
Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding
Billie Holiday: 4 Record Set 
Prince: Controversy
Prince: Dirty Minds
Carly Simon: Playing Possum
Nancy Sinatra: Boots 
Styx: Kilroy Was Here

Be sure to visit Sir Thrift A Lot for a link-up and see all the loot he's hauled in from the  thrift.  

I may not have a thing to wear. 
But I have music, goddammit. I have music. 

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Diana said...

Looks like a great collection, my friend over at Vintage Vinyl Journals would love these! Where is the exact location of this GoodWill and did they have any records left?!

Jackie Jardine said...

I just found this Goodwill this afternoon, Diana. And there was a decent amount of minty records left as of 5 pm. A lot of Hall & Oats, Neil Diamond, some AC/DC, some vintage world music compilations. You can find it at 2365 East Lincoln Hwy Langhorne, PA 19047. It's next to the Toys R Us and just across the street from The Oxford Valley Mall.

Happy hunting!

<3 Jackie

Jill said...

I always like to pick up a good record or two. Last week I found a great old album - 24 Power Hits, Original Stars, it was 60's songs, I checked the record for scratches, didn't check the album, it was the wrong one when I got it home. Lesson learned!

Jackie Jardine said...

Oh I've had that happen too, Jill! It's an embarrassing little thrift blunder that happens to the best of us. For me, I know it's because I'm so excited to have a found a gem, I forget to get confirmation of the right LP within, ha ha.

Now the question is, was the wrong record inside the 24 Power Hits any good at least?

<3 Jackie

Melissa said...

Hahaha! That made me laugh. Music won't cover your bum, but you'll have a happy soul! Nice score on the records.

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks, Melissa! I'm so glad another thrifter sees the hierarchy of what's important like I do. 1) Pristine collection of records followed by...2)Clothes. Ha ha!

<3 Jackie

Vanessa said...

I see Controversy - squeeee- :D I rarely come across Prince Vinyl outside of antique malls. You scored an excellent haul.

Jackie Jardine said...

That, I did Van! You're right. I never, ever spot Prince vinyl at the thrift. I scored those for a good friend of mine. She's going to love them.

I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite from the pile...but that Nancy Sinatra album...I could just dance around to that all day!

<3 Jackie

Anna Schafer said...

Hahaha! That made me laugh. Music won't cover your bum, but you'll have a happy soul! Nice score on the video

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks for reading, jowdjbrown! I guess it just goes to show you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you get what you need. I guess that day I just needed music and didn't know it. Ha ha!

<3 Jackie