Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's Go Haunting: You Are Getting Very Sleepy...

Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis Book, Philly AIDs Thrift $2 

I hope that you are enjoying the special October editions of Let's Go Thrifting Haunting. In the last installment of delightfully spooky secondhand entertainment, I busted out the vintage Ouija board.

But for this evening's entertainment, I suggest you gather a few impressionable friends for some good ol' fashioned hypnotism. Ladies, don't forget to  get glam for the occasion, Old Hollywood style. 

Some swear by the power of suggestion for the treatment of addiction. Some enjoy self-guided hypnosis for meditation. I just want to make my friends cluck like chickens and other equally embarrassing shenanigans. 

No Hypnosis disk? No problem. (If you have epilepsy and are prone to seizures, please do not risk your health for hypnotism).  

Everybody else, give it a shot! 

Who's sleepy? 

And who's ready to come to school in the nude and cluck like a chicken...?

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