Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Took The $20 Thrift Store Challenge

Last week, I presented fellow  thrifters with the opportunity to make thrifting an Olympic event. I went for the gold when I took $20 and a few friends to three different thrift stores in three different counties.

I stuck to my budget, spent less than $20 and got ALL. THIS. STUFF.

My original goal was to stock-up on clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. But sometimes, scoring  awesome thrift finds and staying within budget is challenge enough.So imagine my surprise when I found a cute shirt at each of my three thrift visits. Fashions, hurray!

I should have known the day would be a huge success when I stumbled onto a surprise sale at my first stop, the Bustleton Goodwill. These never-worn  feather earrings, marked $3.00 were $1.50. And that lovely Asian-inspired shirt that I got for $2? That was originally $3.99. 

So my first stop, earrings and a shirt...were a total of....
Wait for it...

A surprise 50% discount is always a great way to start the day. And with a little pep in our step, we piled back into my SUV for our next destination.

Onward, ho!

I have a newfound obsession for vintage children's albums. I've been ripping them to .mp3 files and sampling them on Garageband as creepy mixes for later use. Be afraid, be very afraid. These would have been 47 cents each...but were on sale, Buy One Get One Free at the Warminster Goodwill. Muhahahaha creepy, thrifty fun. 

But back to the original game plan... Like I said earlier, I scored that v-neck tee in mustard (my new favorite shade) for $3.50. And a deliciously vintage-inspired clutch by Isaac Mizrahi for $2.97? Yes, please! So that's two records, a shirt and a like-new designer bag for how much...?

One more thrift store to go. And about ten more dollars. Are you ready for this play-by-play?

While I didn't turn up any vintage photo albums in my travels, a few vintage yearbooks are the next best thing. $1.25 each? Not bad at all. The only thing missing were the "keep in touch" notes in the back. Maybe they didn't do that sort of thing in '39.

$4.00 seemed fair for this vintage owl planter. But bric a brac was 25% off at the Montgomeryville Impact. Why hello, $3 owls! I practically hooted when I found them perched on the shelf. 

I am about to cross the finish line on this $20 Thrift Store Challenge. Here comes the gold! 

$3.62 + $6.10 + $9.32 = $19.04!!!

Somebody throw me a towel. Hand me a cup of water. Boost me up on your shoulders and parade me around the arena. The $20 Thrift Challenge was a triumphant success, with 96 cents to spare.

Come with me! Do your own victory lap around the the thrift store and take The $20 Thrift Store Challenge. Link up below to share your finds! 
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Vanessa said...

Good job lady, you scored at the thrift stores. I shall definitely take this challenge sometime this week and follow up and post here :)

Jackie Jardine said...

Woo woo, a fellow thrifty competitor in The $20 Thrift Store Challenge. Go us!

<3 Jackie