Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Buck Thrift Finds vs. 2000 Calories

Oh, hell no...

Will it be dollar whoppers or whopping savings?

Well, for the price of two value menu hamburgers I found three lovely thrifted wares. Good thing for me I opted for the latter. I don't even want to consider how many Weight Watchers points two hamburgers packs in there. Ah, it's just as well. I'd rather be thrifting! 

Spectacled Owl plaque. 95 cents.

Vintage travel memoir by Paul Theroux. 35 cents.

Funky single bud vase. $1.25 

Whoa there. Wait a minute. Hold the phone. I said all this was two bucks, didn't I? Well if you check my math, the total from the Spectacled Owl to that funky green vase is $2.55. But did I mention that all this was bought from the Impact Thrift in Feasterville? With a grand opening surprise discount, I plucked a piece of paper out of the mystery savings bucket and was awarded 30% off my total. Woo woo! That means my total was was a whopping $1.79. That's even cheaper than two of those dollar burgers. And with all the thrift hunting, I likely even burned off some Weight Watchers points. Have it your way, indeed.

What have you thrifted for a $2 total?


Amy Lynn said...

I found a sweet girl's apron and vintage tin for $2.10 (including tax) last week--I was thrilled! And I would most definitely always rather be thrifting!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I do indulge in a Whopper now & then & always get it customized so it's fresh, but that burger is dried up and NASTY Jackie.

Jackie Jardine said...

It sure is, Sir Thrift. I can't say that this burger was mine, just a photo with open license rights to use. Whoppers do tend to look a little better than that. Either way, I gotta keep away from those for a while.


Hi there, Amy! Nice $2 finds. I love aprons...but I'm always afraid of getting them...dirty. LOL.

<3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!