Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What The Thrift!? Goodwill Welcomes The Local Wildlife.

I saw a snippet on the news this evening that was too perfect not to share, a piece so impeccably timed for the What The Thrift!? edition of Let's Go Thrifting!

In Woodbury Heights, New Jersey, Goodwill employees and customers were befuddled by a surprise visitor with one hell of an entrance. 

View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.

Deer prancing through the aisles of Goodwill and running smoke in the parking lot? What the Thrift!?
Ah, they were just browsing. 

Hey! Maybe I should temporarily change the blog's name to Let's Doe Thrifting! Badump, dump, tiss.


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Paulette said...

Everyone loves the Goodwill! Thanks for sharing this.♥

Jackie Jardine said...

My pleasure, Paulette. I'm just glad no one was hurt during the mayhem. Even the doe seemed to be okay after literally crashing in to the thrift. Very strange!

<3 Jackie

Vanessa said...

Highly amusing, I love that this Goodwill has cameras inside and outside to capture that...but then again, why does Goodwill need so much security? Sheesh!

Jackie Jardine said...

That thought occurred to me too, Van. They even have cameras in the backroom. I'm seriously hoping that shoplifting isn't that prevalent a problem to warrant having all those cameras.


Eli said...

Absolutely terrifying! Poor deer!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

That's crazy Jackie! Thanks for posting.

Our Goodwill needs more cameras (the one I go to almost everyday). I've posted about it before. There's crime everywhere in there - theft from the store, assaults, purse thefts... The security guards don't do much either.

I was in there one time on 50% off day, wow. A woman had her purse stolen, a guy wheeled in a suitcase, filled it up & the caught him on the way out, people were moving shelving units to pick up stuff they've hidden..

Jackie Jardine said...

Wow, Sir that is nuts. It's such a shame that an environment that is supposed to benefit the community is such a cesspool for crime. The most I've ever seen (or at there very least suspected) in local thrifts here is price-changing...something I've always considered a cardinal sin in thrifting!