Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Great Christmas Wrap-Up

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Of course no Christmas tree would be complete without a garage sale sign ornament. I found this little wonder at the thrift store for 25 cents and couldn't help but chuckle at my extraordinary luck in discovering something secondhand, that features another secondhand activity that's just perfect for the tree. 

And after searching several thrifts for over a month I was able to find a bunch of useful thrifted gifts. Mostly cute and kitschy kitchenware, I amassed a pile of jars, serving dishes, plates, novelty spoons, salt 'n' pepper shakers and more. 

Naturally it didn't occur to me take photos of the goods to publish after the gifts were given until I had already wrapped them. Whoops. Well, she enjoyed them all the same. And  for the first time I ever I bought a gift certificate to our favorite thrift so that she can get a new couch. And given their hideous (yet strangely appealing) selection of furniture is so cheaply priced, I'm sure she'll have no problems finding that perfect 70's sofa. 

My Christmas? Well aside from gorging on the bounty of cookies, cakes and heavy holiday meals I must have been extra good this year. Seriously I could call this post the Great Christmas Un-Wrap, in thinking of the pile of presents waiting for me Sunday morning. Aside from the much-needed clothes and the lovely Marc Jacobs perfume, the gift cards and the always appreciated cash, I got something that I actually have to wait 'til the summer to enjoy..two tickets to see Roger Waters: The Wall ! ! ! 

Talk about Christmas in July! I can't wait to hear the seminal album from Pink But, back to the hear and now....

As you all know, I am something of a weirdo. I mean, anyone with such a fascination with the photographs of total strangers and the impulse to collect oddities must be a little...eccentric, let's say. My sister certainly knows this to be true. And judging by her Christmas gift this year, she isn't exactly dissuading me from the dark side. 

This is Mr. Marbles.
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And yes, I named him after the episode of Seinfeld when Jerry's freaked out by the ventriloquist's dummy in Kramer's apartment. Though I may have to rename him, given the difficulty of navigating the letter M without moving the lips. But if I do, by some miraculous feat, master the art of ventriloquism I'm taking  my act to the stage and calling it Jackie's Creepytime Theatre. I'll have a gallery of photos and found oddities, a band, crazy costume changes and finally, my ventriloquism debut. 

Of course you loyal readers, my small fandom of freaky finds, will get an invitation to this grand event, should it ever come to pass. In the meantime, I guess I better practice those tricky M's.  

I dare you to tell me you can see my lips moving. 


DearHelenHartman said...

I would be throwing more than my voice if I got that for Christmas! But it sounds like you are having fun with him, so... no, it still scares me. Happy New Year.

Jackie Jardine said...

I actually have been having fun. Though even I am just a tad creeped sometimes. The other night I came home from work and was checking my email. Mr. Marbles was sitting on the recliner. My dog, sitting on the couch suddenly sat straight up, stared at the dummy and started crying. Freaky stuff!

<3 Jackie