Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Thrifted Life...and Death

"Have you seen my little knife?"

Halloween will soon be upon us. But fear not.  Let's Go Thrifting! is back from the dead. Well, actually I just like to think as our temporary departure a mere hiatus due to technical difficulty. After a long and painful illness, my laptop was finally put to rest. And in its place I received the best gift of all, a MacBook Pro. Hurrah! Yippie! 

While I am still in the process of transferring files and getting accustomed to all of these applelicious functions, I have decided at long last to resume Let's Go Thrifting! 

I have, however, made an editorial decision regarding the scheduling of posts. Always favoring quality over quantity in my published writing, I've decided to expand my efforts in other areas of my life. And rather than than make quick, subpar posts to fit the 3x week editorial schedule, I will commit to updating Let's Go Thrifting! on an as-thrifted basis. I'm not going to force material to make self-imposed deadlines. While I wish I had the time and money to put into thrifting, crafting and flea marketing more often to make for better, more frequent posts I must say that there are other commitments that demand my time.

While I will post with some regularity, I think you'll find Let's Go Thrifting to be seemingly random...much like our real life adventures in the thrift. But do keep reading. I still have a few tricks and treats up my sleeve...just in time for Halloween.

What delightfully undead finds have you thrifted lately? 

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