Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Thrifted Life: Frugal Philly Has Arrived!

Well, dear thrifters, I am pleased to announce that the new 'Frugal Philly' section of my local Macaroni Kid newsletter has officially launched. At this time we are planning for at least two thrift-related posts per month. And for the first article in the series I decided to sketch a portrait of 'Why We Thrift,' and with socioeconomic ties and theories of rebellion this is a personal manifesto of sorts. Want a little snippet of quotes?

"They may choose the thrift store as a means to deny corporate control over their paychecks. They ignore the impulse to spend a predetermined amount money on what is advertised and instead spend a fraction of the cost on what is available at the thrift store. Maybe they won’t find what they’re looking for right away, but when they find the sought after item, there is a satisfaction that it was purchased on their terms."
You can read "Why We Thrift: The Cause, The Cost & The Cultural Resistance" from the 'Frugal Philly' section of Macaroni Kid right here.

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What does being frugal mean to you? 

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