Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Week in Review: Getting Away

Well thrifters, the time has come to leave my home in search of a new adventure in exotic and faraway lands. Sure, the adventure will be limited to five the exotic faraway lands of  New Jersey. But I couldn't be more excited. I've packed my bags, made a music playlist for the road and am ready for some much deserved time off. Drinks, good food, the beach, a bit of gambling with the family. Who knows?  Maybe I'll win the big one and be able to fund my future Let's Go Thrifting! ideas and other projects on the horizon.

Of course this time away also means time away from all of you. So take a gander through our inventory of archived posts, throw some suggestions and comment love at me to read when I return. And don't forget to go out and thrift yourselves something nice!

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Vanessa said...

I LOVE vacations to nearby cities. Satisfying distance, easy on the wallet, and you always discover thrifty wonders in your own proverbial back yard.

Hope you had fun! I had fun on my trip 8 hours south to the Florida Keys. Recap will be up tomorrow :)