Thursday, July 14, 2011

Odds 'n' Ends Thursday: A Thrifty Read

"A high-powered novel about Public Relations experts--smart, brazen and ruthless."

Pocket Book Edition, 1952.

"This is a crackling, high-powered novel about Clint Lorimer, a smart and ruthless operator who had every qualification for success as a public relations expert except for a small, deeply-buried shred of self-respect. And about Anne Tremaine, an advertising agency expert who was successfully Clint's partner, mistress and boss. And about Harvey Holt Ames, an amiable nitwit who inherited a company he didn't know how to run until he got the build-up. And about Peggy Devon, a reporter who couldn't help loving a phony.

The Build-Up Boys is fiction but it has a solid basis in fact. It will tell you how the Public Relations business can operate and what it can do to itself and its clients."


I just love the scintillating pulp cover.  And just maybe I'll learn a thing or two...on how to be brazen and ruthless, or how to not fall in love with a phony.

This is what the PR business is really about, folks.


Planet Pyrex said...

That dame's nothing but trouble. Think of your wife and for God's sake - "What about the children!!!"

Jackie Jardine said...

Classic! I love it.

Vanessa said...

Loooove it! Every word, and the sexy cover, too!