Thursday, July 28, 2011

Odds ‘n’ Ends Thursday: Here’s What Five Bucks Can Get You

The Entire Loot

On Tuesday afternoon I stopped into one of my favorite thrifts, Impact in Montgomeryville, PA. I wanted to make an entire day of suburban thrifting, but had a last minute change of plans.
This loot will satisfy the urge… for now.

Monster Mash: Sounds of Terror album…. 50 cents

Patti Smith Group: Wave album…. 50 cents

Ripping Yarns by Michael Palin and Terry Jones of Monty Python… 35 cents

Three vintage Deka cups_Two Care Bears and one Strawberry Shortcake… 90 cents

Vintage Polaroid blue flashgun… One dollar

Dory Previn: Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign cassette…. 35 cents

Matryoshka toothpick holder… One dollar

Thrifty Loot

Now for a few field notes:

The vintage 80's cartoon Deka cups and Monty Python Ripping Yarns will be listed in my Etsy shop in the near future.  Otherwise it’s mine, all mine.

A dollar is more than I would usually pay for a teeny, tiny Matryoshka toothpick holder. But I happen to collect Matryoshka dolls, so I gladly forked over the money.

The Dory Previn cassette was bought on a whim for something silly to listen to on the car ride home. It was a judgment call based solely on the album cover and the names of the songs. Something I like to do from time to time with thrifted music. And let me tell you that listening to a concept album set to the score of a failed Broadway revue in bumper-to-bumper traffic was quite the experience. 

I need to get a bulb for the flashgun, which I am eager to try once I get all my equipment together.

And the Sounds of Terror album?

Sounds of Terror Front

Imagine cheap Halloween atmospheric soud effect CDs…based on horror genre references…with a brief voiceover intro to each track…on all the crackling and popping glory of vinyl. Highly entertaining.

My favorite songs? It’s a three-way tie among “Buried Alive, The Blob" and “Incredible Giant Crab.”  And interestingly enough this album is a minimum $15 on Amazon. Horror! Madness! Terror!

Sounds of Terror Back

I would like to make a semi-regular "Sounds of the Thrift" posting, especially when it comes to whimsical purchases of bands or albums I know little to nothing about. Of course I plan to include mp3 selctions from Sounds of Terror and Dory Previn for your listening enjoyment.

But for now, I'm pleased with my five dollar finds.

What loot have you pulled in for under five bucks? 


retrothreads said...

$5 can get me 50 clothing items from the bins on Mon/Wed/Fri after 1 pm at one of my local thrift stores.

Jackie Jardine said...

Wow, that's awesome! I do enjoy digging through bins and boxes, when the time allows. I love, love, love the fill-a-bag for a buck sales. Stuff it all in!

Amber Von Felts said...

Thats a whole lotta loot for $5! The spooky sounds album reminds me of my dad. When we were kids he would wire up speakers in the bushes and play these creepy sounds for the trick or treaters on Halloween!

Jackie Jardine said...

The Sounds of Terror album is so awful, it's great. I just love the voice over introductions that set the scene of each track. Hilarious!