Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Ones That Just…Get You

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of turning the ripe, old age of 27. While it wasn’t exactly a landmark occasion, as I think there are just fewer and fewer between now and 30, still, it was rather nice. Sushi, a few glasses of wine and homemade gnome cupcakes were shared with friends.

And judging by some of the gifts I received, it seems my friends know me all too well.

Gnome cupcakes

My best friend, Liz, slaved in a hot kitchen to make me the most delicious and original birthday cakes in the world. Not only were they butter cream iced, but they were in the style of my favorite kitschy outdoor commodity, garden gnomes. Look how cute they are peeking through the leaves of icing.

Sketches of Japan_ Resized

Dan thrifted me these copies of Sketches of Japan in 1945. Beautiful, every single one of them. But here are three of my favorites.

Japan Pavillion_Resized
Japan Scene_Resized
Japan Bridge Sketch_Resized

Also thrifted from Dan was this totally vintage album of Japanese classic folk tunes, printed in 1958. Love it.

Land of the Rising Sun Album Cover_Resized

Land of the Rising Sun Record_Resized

Who recalls something I may have casually mentioned back in April in my post titled “An Assortment of Impossible Things to Likely Never Happen, aka The Thrift Wish List”...something about owning a Blythe doll…? Well the third entry on the list, Blythe herself is officially crossed off the list. Many thanks to my sister for being perceptive and spending entirely too much money for my birthday present. I can’t wait to start crafting together little outfits for her to wear and photograph her like a tiny, plastic model.

Blue Blythe

I also was fortunate enough to receive a lovely little Coach pouch, a few feminist zines, a punching bag and even more garden gnome paraphernalia.

In looking at this strange and wonderful assortment of items, some thrifted and crafted, some imported, some designer and some purely for punching, one could draw a few conclusions:
  1. I am both eclectic and slightly eccentric when it comes to Japan, kitsch, designer goods and anything described as “cute.”
  2. I have truly awesome family and friends that know this as fact and appreciate all of my quirks and interests. They just…get me.
How about you? Have you received any thrifted gifts from people that know you well enough to buy them just for you?


Amber Von Felts said...

Hey Happy B-day! What clever (the cupcakes!) and thoughtful friends & fam you have! It sounds like your B-day was wonderful! Congrats on 27!

Jackie Jardine said...

Thanks Amber. This birthday seemed rather uneventful at first...just the thought of turning 27 was rather blah. Ya know? But leave it your friends and family to make it monumental! It was a great time and I'm enjoying all the gifts of course, too. Those cupcakes were awesome. I'm trying to convince my friend Liz to open her own bakery. She has a talent for making fun, tasty cakes. And who doesn't appreciate a nice garden gnome!?